Pakistani Education Activist Malala Yousafzai Becomes Youngest Winner of Nobel Peace Prize


Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai and Indian child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi have jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize. At age 17, Yousafzai is the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize. In 2012, she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman who boarded her school bus. She survived and continued to campaign for the rights of girls to go to school. Satyarthi, age 60, has been a leader for decades in the international movement against child slavery and the exploitation of child workers. In a statement, the Nobel committee said it “regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism.” Last year on July 12, her 16th birthday, Yousafzai appeared at the United Nations and delivered her first speech since she underwent surgery, saying she was undeterred by the Taliban’s efforts to silence her voice. The event marked a global day in her honor. We broadcast an excerpt from her address. “Let us wage a glorious struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism. Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are the most powerful weapons,” Yousafzai says. “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.”


5 Years After Dr. George Tiller’s Murder, A Doctor Braves Threats to Continue Abortions in Wichita

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As Oklahoma enacts a law that could close all but one abortion clinic in the state — and Louisiana is poised to follow suit — DemocracyNow takes a look at the legacy of Dr. George Tiller, who was assassinated five years ago this past weekend. Tiller was one of a handful of doctors providing abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy. He braved constant threats, a firebombing at his clinic and an assassination attempt that left him with gunshot wounds to both arms. On May 31, 2009, anti-choice extremist, Scott Roeder, entered Tiller’s church in Wichita, Kansas, and shot him dead. We remember Tiller by speaking with Dr. Cheryl Chastine, who travels from Chicago to Wichita each week to provide abortions at Tiller’s former clinic, which reopened last year. Chastine discusses the obstacles to abortion access in Kansas and responds to the threats and harassment she and her colleagues face. “I get up in the morning and there are patients that need me,” Chastine says. “If I allow myself to be deterred from doing this work, then I am allowing a victory for terrorism.”

This country’s religious extremists are on a mission to reverse the rights women won and should be undoubtedly given the rights over our own bodies. Abortion is a choice only a woman should make, not a man, not the government, not a state.

The U.S. government and it’s statesmen have a history rooted in racism, sexism and classism. Charged with the fuel of power and control over people, we are desperately in need of government which has a people who actually think consciously and righteously.


Danny Glover & Kathleen Cleaver on “Black Power Mixtape”

Based on the film with the same name, the extraordinary new book “The Black Power Mixtape” chronicles the black freedom movement in the United States using found footage of top African-American leaders between 1967 and 1975. Shot by Swedish journalists and discovered in the basement of Swedish public television 30 years later, the film features some of the leading figures of the Black Power movement in the United States, including Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis and Eldridge Cleaver. Renowned American actor, film director and political activist, Danny Glover; and Kathleen Cleaver, professor at Emory Law School, who is featured in the film during her stint as communications secretary of the Black Panther Party, talk about the film.

I saw this film at in Los Angeles, purchased the DVD when made available and I try to make as many friends watch it as possible. It is a must see, it is an eye opener, it is my history. These people featured in the film along w| many other names unknown made it possible for my sister, brothers and I to have careers, go to school, sit down in restaurants and much more. We owe much homage to them.

See the Democracy Now video clip here:
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The author, activist, and intellectual Angela Y. Davis is this year’s UC Regents Professor and Professor of History of Consciousness, an interdisciplinary PhD program, and Professor of Feminist Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz. The event is sponsored by the Gender Studies Department.
She will be giving a lecture titled “Feminism and Abolition: Extending the Dialogue”
at UCLA Los Angeles, Ca in the Royce Hall
Thursday May 8th, 2014
5:30pm to 7:00pm


Hundreds Protest After Teenage Rape Victim Burned to Death in India

Hundreds Protest After Teenage Rape Victim Burned to Death in India

In India, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest the death of a 16-year-old rape victim who was set on fire. The victim was gang-raped in October. The next day, she was gang-raped again while returning from the police station after reporting the crime. Her family said they faced constant harassment from the rapists. Last week, the victim, who was pregnant, was set on fire, reportedly by two of her attackers. She died this week after identifying the men. At a protest Thursday, a lawmaker blamed authorities in the state of West Bengal.

Brinda Karat: “I stress that the government is answerable for the girl, who would have been present among us today if the West Bengal administration had exercised the laws properly. We do not seek anything else. But where is the law? A girl was gang-raped twice, and still you are unable to punish the accused. Why?”

The young woman’s death came two days after the first anniversary of the death of another woman who was gang-raped on a New Delhi bus. That case ignited the country and drew attention to sexual violence around the world.


When will men feel they have only the right to respect and treat the women who give them birth…. It has been a travesty throughout decades that men have felt that they were able to do to women what they please… That we are their property, their vessels for child baring, their sex toys with pleasure unknown to she because of this man’s lack of thought….

This sex inequality epidemic needs to see justice, no matter how a woman may present or carry herself. Rape is NEVER okay.


Feminist Radio on KPFK

Feminist Radio on KPFK

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“Moving from silence into speech is for the oppressed, the colonized, the exploited, and those who stand and struggle side by side a gesture of defiance that heals, that makes new life and new growth possible. It is that act of speech, of “talking back,” that is no mere gesture of empty words, that is the expression of our movement from object to subject – the liberated voice.” (bell hooks)

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” (Cheris Kramarae)

“People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat…”
(Rebecca West)

Feminist Magazine is on the air to educate, advocate, inform, and entertain through a variety of feminist lenses. We provide the tools necessary to implement feminist analysis and action via interviews, commentaries, performances, news, open dialogues and other features involving activists, intellectuals, and artists, etc.

We are open to all feminist-identified women. In our interactions with each other, and on the airwaves, the members of the Women’s Coalition strive to narrow the disparity between feminist theory and practice.

Feminism represents a transnational, progressive movement to end patriarchy/sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. We are committed to women’s empowerment and share an understanding that the oppression of women is rooted in patriarchy, racism and classism. Patriarch/sexism is a gender-based system of domination that intersects with other systems of domination.

We see feminism as a maximally inclusionary movement which actively includes working against discrimination and oppression based on age, color, disability status, education, employment, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, immigration status, licenses/degrees or lack thereof, marital status, national origin, physical or mental attributes, race, religion, sexual orientation or preference, military service, or any other actual or perceived differences among us.

We are committed to creating a world in which peace, with social/economic justice and compassion, prevails, in which we all have equal rights and in which differences are honored, respected and celebrated instead of persecuted, judged or even just tolerated.

We share a commitment to self-determination both in the microcosm of one-to-one relationships and in the macrocosm of group-to-group and nation-to-nation interactions. We actively support (and see ourselves as a part of) the people who struggle against social injustices in all their multi-dimensional forms.

We are committed to:
Maximizing our effectiveness in producing quality feminist programming;
The progressive development of the Women’s Coalition and Feminist Magazine;
This declaration;
Skills and resource sharing (following the model of “each one, teach one”);
Decision-making by consensus (except in extreme circumstances);
The spirit and practice of criticism/self-criticism;
Supporting feminist women and men and LGBT peoples involved in KPFK programming;
Advocating for feminist values at KPFK and throughout the Pacifica network; and supporting the KPFK/Pacifica mission.

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Journalist Alan Weisman on Overpopulation and how to Ethically Reduce It

Alan Weisman’s new book – Countdown: Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth?

He digs deep on the ethical method of population control through the education of women and available birth control, it’s direct effect on Earth and how more people can be conscious in the state of an ever closing natural habitat and available economic system to keep people afloat.

I have always wanted to be able to word perfectly how population control, when done the right way can be good for Earth and all of its inhabitants. This interview showed me how….

Enjoy this enlightening interview with Sonali Kolhatkar and Alan Weisman.


After Tiller Documentary

Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in 2009, only four doctors in the United States continue to perform third-trimester abortions. These physicians, all colleagues of Dr. Tiller, sacrifice their safety and personal lives in the name of their fierce, unwavering conviction to help women. But for some in the pro-life movement, these doctors are “murderers” who must be stopped.

Offering audiences an unprecedented perspective, After Tiller is an intimate look into each of the four physicians’ private and professional struggles. Wrenching moments in the clinics, when they gently counsel distraught patients facing grievous losses, force us to step into the shoes of both practitioner and patient and confront the full complexity of each decision. Decades after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the issue remains one of the most volatile in our public sphere. After Tiller sensitively and artfully extricates the controversy from the ideological realm and humanizes those who have been demonized. – C. L.

Hyper-religious people, mostly Christians seem to think they are the soldiers of God and have a mission to fight against what they believe in theirs minds is murder. Their driving force if bigotry via the hate and oppression of women. This is taught to their own women. The oppression of the female and her body parts are a functioning power of religious fanatics.

Women are thought to be here for their men counterparts. As vessels to birth their babies and clean house. What the fck is the matter with these people?? Are we not in the 21st century?

I am not and will not be for your own personal exploitation. I am not and will not be only a source of nourishment, sexual pleasure, to feed you and to birth your children. I am more than those things. I am a WOMAN! A strong woman who sees more than having a man’s child and here to please your patriarchal dominancy.


India: 4 Sentenced to Death for Fatal Gang Rape That Ignited Protests

India: 4 Sentenced to Death for Fatal Gang Rape That Ignited Protests

The horrific gang rape that killed 23 year old Indian physical therapy student Jyoti Singh Pandey last December created an international uproar.

In the past, men treated women as open game, rapes were normal and the police and courts never did much to combat them. But after Jyoti’s death, tens of thousands took to the streets nationwide to demand the death penalty for the perpetrators.

On the evening of Dec. 16, Jyoti and her 28-year-old boyfriend had gone to a movie and then boarded a bus that was not part of a scheduled service. The driver and five men, who pretended to be passengers, beat the student’s boyfriend unconscious. Then they dragged the woman to the rear bench of the moving bus and attacked her, one after another. Later they threw the couple, naked and unconscious, onto the side of a highway, where 40 minutes passed before they were found by passerby.

A judge in India has sentenced four men to death by hanging for the fatal gang rape of a woman on a New Delhi bus that ignited mass anti-rape protests in December. The family of the victim, Jyoti Singh Pandey, was among those demanding the death penalty. The sentence must still be approved by India’s high court.

Not only in India, but across the world, men feel they have some sort of control over a woman. Whether it be her body and/or her mind. Human’s started off with the giving of a young woman to be a man’s vessel for child bearing, his sexual slave, his personal cook and cleaner, his property.

This has been the downfall of man in my opinion. This has been the root of man looking to our God(s) as Him/He, not She/Her. Woman gives life, she is GOD. When we understand the interlining links to this patriarchal system of dominancy, we will have richer societies.


Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminism- MY THOUGHT:
The active ingredients in the acts of male supremacy is taught superiority, exploitation of the opposite sex & those of the same sex who don’t participate in the said norm of a ‘man’, and of course politics….. Open up to a new light & be the men of a new && better tomorrow***

One of my favorite articles to this day – Read!