Megan Christi

Megan Christi

Just some of my writings …

My mind is too plentiful & hungry for knowledge. My soul is too deep & beautiful. My essence is too sweet. Me as a person is too good to stoop down to a level unknown.#HiiHaterByeHater
Spoil my Mind && Body! #DeepaSoul >>>>> Get Lost in My Eyes …. ♥ TwistedFate

Sweet Melody, pure in harmonic satisfaction… Let the vibrations of Ur slow tempo take me to a deep deep blue sea, plentiful of beautiful bliss… My tone will bring forth my soul-mate in which we step to the same beat…#LiveLove

Lipstick kisses full of lust! Vibrant energy between two bodies full of sensual seduction. New & old positions come together to make a beautiful portrait! ♥

……… Whispers of the nite turn into daydreams in the sun ………..

HER poise in life is something that has been worked on, in which she shows great gratitude to her contributors who assisted in this one way elevator! #OnlyWayIsUp^^^ (poise: a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession) ¦)

(Different friends supply different services && goods!)

Summer Lust… Fall ‘out of it’… Winter Love… Spring ‘break’ up… Seasonal Bliss ♥

If ii need to write in the darkness of night, ii search for my light…. Guide me to a path which leads me to beautiful thoughts lane…

~Its kinda crazy what a person (us) will reveal about ourselves on the internet~ WE will put our lives on display with pictures! We will practically write our whole life story for the world to read… What is it that we want? A lil convo maybe…? Attention…? An easy way to network…? Sex…? The internet is such an easy place for a person to exercise his/her facade… Lets be truthful, its the perfect disguise*