LA City Council vote to ban Vaping

LA City Council vote to ban Vaping

By Brad Friedman on 3/5/2014, 5:58pm PT

On Tuesday, the L.A. City Council voted to join cities like New York and Chicago by banning e-cigarette use in the same public spaces where tobacco use is banned, such as “farmers’ markets, parks, recreational areas, beaches, indoor workplaces such as bars and nightclubs, outdoor dining areas and other places where lighting up is banned.”

On this week’s BradCast on KPFK/Pacifica Radio Brad spoke with L.A. City Councilmember Paul Koretz (CD5) about why they voted to impose the ban, despite the dearth of evidence that e-cig ‘vaping’ is harmful to either the user or anyone else, and the evidence (include my own personal story) that vaping is, hands down, the most effective way for smokers to stop smoking. In fact, as describe during the show, view it as a “miracle” that will save countless lives and that banning it — or making it harder to vape in any way, without good reason — will, quite frankly, result in countless unnecessary deaths.

Even Koretz admitted during the interview that there’s a “99% possibility” that vaping is “much safer than smoking”.

But he was low-balling it, frankly. As you’ll hearing during the show, this is a very personal issue for me. But you can decide for yourself if Koretz makes the case for the L.A. City Council’s ban. Either way, the ban will only go into effect if Mayor Eric Garcetti approves it.
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