NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling For Life

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling For Life

Following his press conference regarding the distasteful statements that are now confirmed to be made by Los Angeles’ owner Donald Sterling, NBA Commissioner Donald Sterling has ruled to ban Sterling from all NBA dealings for life. He also has issued the maximum fine of 2.5 million dollars that will be dedicated to anti discrimination and tolerance efforts.

“This has been a painful moment for all of the NBA family,” Silver said. “I am particularly grateful for the leadership of Head Coach Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.”

Even though it was apparent that Sterling possessed hateful views of non-white people, Silver asserted that only after they received concrete evidence were they able to swiftly act. Aside from this total and complete ban, Silver also hopes to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

NBA is teams of mostly black players owned by older white men – enslavement just in a form where the slave gets paid a nice chunk of money. But, still owned by the white man.

It is known that white men like Sterling takes trips overseas and mail-order women of Latin, Asian or African descent to have as sexual toys. They’re exotic as the phrase goes….

Sterling just fckd up and let his words which are more than likely shared amongst friends & colleagues got heard this time. American Racism at the hands of Anglo-Saxons has not seized.