Live Civil by Karen Civil Event

This past Sunday February 22nd, 2015 I attended this inspirational event.

Special guests were Miss Diddy of The Brand Group – LA

& Rapper YG’s manager Steve Carless.

Alongside Karen Civil, these three spoke about their past experiences, how they made positives out of negatives and the sacrifices needed for true success. Miss Civil, going the most in debt to shed light on all the things this young black woman has accomplished, how she got there and that her journey is still in progress.

Rapper Meek Mill and songstress SZA (as photographed) stopped by the event to show support!

I had the pleasure of having a front row seat to this event and look forward to see more from and hopefully one day work with Karen Civil.

Kanye West Interview | The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

So, Kanye West talks his new shoes, the Grammy’s, music culture, his wife’s fake ass, society, racism, Amber Rose, Tyga & Kylie Jenner,

Just a FYI Kanye – Kim Kardashian’s paid for shape is not new and different – black women have been blessed since the beginning, naturally. There is nothing at all that makes Kardashian a spectacular woman. She is as plainly stated, a rich accessory sadly a few black men have found to be the epiphany of wifey material.


I will say this – At least Miss Amber Rose has had to ‘work’ to get where she’s at now – speaking of monetary and stardom stat. For Kanye to say he had to shower 30 times before dating Kim K. after Amber Rose is a double entendre. These are both women who have exposed themselves, sexually via mass media and have dated other black men of celebrity status – neither one of these women are truly picture perfect.

Some truths spoken in this interview and some dumb ass shit also said!

VIBE: Tyga


There’s been a lot of stress on the crew’s love for Tyga’s space over the years. It was 2007 when Lil Wayne recruited the Compton native to Young Money Entertainment. That was two years before Nicki Minaj and Drake blossomed into the labels big money brands.

His new album to release The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty has been held back and Tyga is not happy. The day after his VIBE cover shoot, he threatened to leak the LP via Twitter if Young Money didn’t give him a release date.

YMCMB president Mack Maine shot back through his own tweet, warning Tyga to take ownership of his shortcomings. Days later, he released “40 Mill,” one of the many Kanye West-produced cuts from his new album. He might now have gotten the attention he was looking for.

Read the full article at the link above^

I am totally rooting for Tyga! Not only did he go to my high school Gardena, but I like his style and he has proven to be very much so driven when it comes to his future. He’s started his own boxer line called Crisp, see the Facebook page and of course  his clothing line


Blac Chyna – 88 Fin

Blac Chyna - 88 Fin

For the last four days, Blac Chyna has been showcasing her new clothing line 88 Fin on her Instagram @BLACCHYNA.

I’m not a Barbie type chick, but I think Blac Chyna is fckn beautiful, beyond the make-up, weaves and back end. So, I am promoting black business all the way.

The line features leather joggers, bomber jackets, dresses, and much more on the site



Last Kings

Last Kings

Line Last Kings brought to you by hip hop artist Tyga is pretty darn wavy!

Tyga is a young artist out of So CAL signed with Young Money Entertainment and he is showing fans he can do more than just rap.

Now, there are plenty of celebrities that come out with their own clothing, jewelry, make-up, ext lines. But, not all are worth spending your hard earned money.

Last Kings I can actually see myself rocking a LK pouch or snapback. It’s trendy, fashionable and has a name attached to it that I can vibe with.

Last Kings, Egypt – Africa, the Motherland. He chose the perfect icon. I hope to see him portray the true meaning and pride of having such an icon to represent ones brand.


Nicki Minaj and Mona-Scott Young Talk Myx Fusions Moscato Partnership

I am not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj since she turned pop and the downgrading of fellow black women. But, I am a fan of successful Black Women and I am glad she is representing a black success in a positive lens.

Who doesn’t fantasize and dream of the lifestyles these success women are living…? I would love to have all the things Miss Kicki has such easy access to. Just make sure it is done with gratitude, respect for self and others along with authenticity.

Just heard of Nicki’s line which is carried in Kmart, quite impressed with what she said in the Part II of this video.

I will give Nicki this, she is definitely a personality, she has made a name for herself, she had stood out from most music artists and she made her way. She is a story of success. In hopes of this black woman keeping her fans at heart and giving some more of her earlier days hip hop music.