New Music – chrisxness

From the album Age of Aquarius (release date – unknown right now) track titled Nice Things.

While working on his craft, preparing for the album drop – making sure all the tracks are not the same hip hop you hear on the radio | internet – chrisxness still proves to be one of our favorite indie | underground artists.

Take a listen and share your thoughts! – If you are feeling the track – share it! – That is how artists get true and loyal fans.

Artist Instagram @iamchris_ness xx Twitter @chris_ness


TDE Rapper Ab-Soul says he’s close to leaking his own sh**

TDE Rapper Ab-Soul says he's close to leaking his own sh**

Yesterday, Ab-Soul tweeted he’s ready to leak his own music and in response, the CEO of TDE tweeted this along w| saying:

Now, I can agree that you cannot rush greatness. But, at the same time, I feel Ab-Soul because it’s been three months since TDE’s Ab-Soul confirmed he had turned over two projects to the label.

Since that time, Ab-Soul also confirmed he’d been working on another project, Long Term 3.
HotNewHipHop did receive a leak three weeks ago, although it was unclear which project it’s off, “Tree of Life.”
Hopefully this will push the release of his album I know fans are definitely waiting on!


New CHRIS NESS xx UhLife xx Lotus

New CHRIS NESS xx UhLife xx Lotus

From his up & coming album titled 5 (V), Chris Ness delivers another song that gives you goosebumps. In collab with fellow hip hop artist UhLife and vocalists Lotus from Los Angeles, these three show their wonderful talents in this song.

Twitter connects:


Yere Designs – African Princess

Yere Designs - African Princess

Stumbled across a truly beautiful African Princess who is doing big things with her unstoppable drive to success.

She was born and raised in Southern CA, but her parents originate from Nigeria who came here when they were teenagers to have a better life (The American Dream & all…). They both graduated from college, my father, Austin Ibekwe , from the University of Southern California and my mother, Agatha Ibekwe, from California State University (LA). My mother now owns her own home health agency while my father is an accountant for the county
ChiChi is the 3rd of 4 children, she stands over 6 feet tall which has allowed her to play basketball and to receive a full scholarship to college.

How did she become a designer you ask…
Her mother, Agatha Diche Ibekwe, is very fashionable. She always had an eye for fashion at a very young age. She considers herself a Nigerian bombshell, nice title! And it was always hard for her to find clothes that fit her tall stature. So, she started on her journey to designing her own, which opened a door to celebrities and socialites. Names like Teyana Taylor & VHI Reality TV star Draya Michele you can catch in her sexy, colorful and creative designs.

Yere’s own thoughts: I think fashion is based on a mood. It’s an expression of how you’re feeling. My clothing line is named YERE. The last four letters of my first name, which means gift. I feel like all my talents are a gift.

Visit Yere Designs @ & be sure to follow her on Instagram


Keyed Up Community; Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams

cropped-bannerKeyed Up Community has opened it’s doors to Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams.

What is Keyed Up Community you ask … It is a collective, a group, a community of talented artists, photographers and song writers who have come together to create art.

Producer Kwesi Young and artists Jay Deboi, Kaman Qua, Keith Hetrick, Stasia, Tiny T, David, Nancy + the new additions Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams. 2013 is looking real good!

In a time when real hip hop is scarce … Let me correct that – In a time when real hip hop lacks the face time it deserves, these talented individuals have no other choice but to make their way home. Now I speak home in the sense that any true artist feels at home when she or he is making music, when she or he is performing for a discerning crowd.

The music made by these artists keep you anticipating. It’s healthy to breathe such art, clean and dirty at the same time. Rough at the edges, but so smooth in delivery.

Q xx A w/ Chris Ness

U.M- So how did you link up w/ this collective?

C.N- I met Jay Deboi in a underground hip hop spot called the Common Ground during a show. I was an instant fan. What’s crazy is my boy Crookie had a studio session set up for C.A.R. with a guy named Jerry, and to my surprise, Jerry turned out to be Jay Deboi. Dope music was made, that atmosphere was real and creativity was bouncing off the walls.Needless to say, we kept in contact.

U.M- What made you want to join Keyed Up Community?

C.N- The main thing was just that it is really like family. I feel like I am at home when I am in the K.U.C. studio. Also, I am inspired by all of the artists. I’ve never heard anything close to the amount of creativity Jay Deboi and every artist alike put into their music. And that something I really wanted to be a part of. K.U.C. are creating music of tomorrow. I feel like what they are doing is the future of music, it’s not one dimensional like a lot of what you hear on the radio and see on TV, or even in the underground circuit. I beleive in what they do.

Stay tuned for of your music needs!

Be sure to go by the official site


Raspberry Jelly

Raspberry Jelly

Another drop from Chris Ness featuring Aunjel Adams!Raspberry Jelly is one of those joints that let you know that hip hop and the soul it can carry is still alive.

Chris Ness never fails in his delivery of the art of sound and Aunjel Adams has added such an alluring touch to the music.

Their project in the making (title to be announced) is definitley going to be worth the ears of the masses. When good music is alive, the poeple need to hear and feel such artistry. Hip Hop has so many under-ground artists who aren’t given the chance to share their craft at a level of mainstream due to the corporation owned radio and television.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new light to be shed on hip hop.