Cypher Recap

BET Hip Hop Awards TDE Cypher 2013

Killing it!

Shot out to TDE and be sure to look out for artist Chris Ness next in line @


Kendrick Lamar – Control

If you know hip hop, I mean really know hip hop > music and how to read between the lines…. If so, then you were able to listen to this freestyle by Kendrick Lamar and know this is a reverse diss.

Who’s names he did not say are the one’s he did not give homage to….

Hip Hop is NOT dead > It’s just missing so many artists not given the light too many untalented motha fck’s get…. Kendrick Lamar is good, Lupe Fiasco is great, NAS is one of the best…. CHRIS NESS is an artist who needs the light (!

Ready to see more talent in the mainstream light!