Tetsuo & Youth Album – 2015

LUPE FIASCO new album is another addition to his list of accomplishments. Lupe’s music is thought provoking and almost always takes one a few times to listen to a track to interpret all the messages.

When hip hop needs a cleanse, Lupe Fiasco comes with albums to prove real music still lives even in mainstream entertainment.

Catch him live today Tuesday 1/27/15 on Revolt TV!


Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

I went to the Lupe Fiasco show last night at the House of Blues Sunset and this was the best show I have been to thus far!

Lupe is a lyrical genius, and he had me in a deep zone performing all my favorite song from the album Food & Liquor 2, along with other songs from previous albums.

He gave us a taste of his new song Crack featuring Chris Brown which will be on his to be released 2014 album Tetsuo & Youth.

It is so pleasing to the soul to have experienced hip hop in its rarest form, conscious and musically entertaining. He gives a great show and I look forward to the new album.