Angela Simmons Launches Angela I Am At Henri Bendels

Angela Simmons, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons’ niece, hosted a launch event for her website AngelaIAM at the high-end accessory boutique, Henri Bendel, in New York City. Simmons, who is launching the e-boutique with fashion director Alisha Crutchfield.

AngelaIAM is a lifestyle brand that gives visitors an opportunity to view and purchase clothing and accessories from the fashion industry’s new and emerging talents. AngelaIAM not only provides a platform for newcomers to the fashion industry, it gives tips and information on beauty, fitness and empowerment.

Young black woman taking her name of fame and using it to a good cause. She will definitely have followers due to who she is, and hopefully this site allows even the ones who are not known to have a light shed on their art.

I sure do plan on sending my products once completed to Angela in the hopes of good exposure and success to follow.


Tyme The Infamous

Tyme The Infamous

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MUA, Beauty Diva and Style-istic Chic!

“Tyme the Infamous” has accumulated a plethora of accomplishments as an entrepreneur in a relatively short period of time. Still in her early 20’s, Tyme is not only a sought after professional make-up artist and published model, but she is an emerging media personality who is dominating the current social media space in a major way. The Denver, CO native Tyme has traveled all over the nation, sharpening her expertise in various aspects in fashion and entertainment. Tyme is more than a makeup artist and model—she is an industry dynamo.

Tyme exploded on the social scene when her wildly popular makeup tutorials, on her YouTube channel TymetheInfamous, exploded to more than 72,000 subscribers and more than four million views in just one year. In August, Tyme partnered with Feel Rich and Fullscreen (via YouTube), which is operated by QD3. With such creativity and eye for detail, she has parlayed a love of beauty and fashion into a social media powerhouse.

As a beauty columnist and consultant, Tyme also shares her talent through writing. She has contributed to,,, and fuSHion Magazine, just to name a few. Tyme’s own website,, will serve as an invaluable hub for information and social media portal for the beauty industry. is a subscription based website featuring live streaming and pre-recorded makeup courses specifically created for aspiring makeup artists looking to turn their passions into sustainable careers.

I absolutely love her make-up tutorials, hair reviews & fashion forward style!

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