NFL – Domestic Abuse – No More Campaign

I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I did watch this episode of DemocracyNow!

FYI: The NFL (Nonprofit Football League) has not paid any taxes since 1966 and average Americans are left paying higher taxes to make up for that lost revenue.

The NFL has spent decades covering up domestic violence and now attempts to put up a conscious front. This league is only out to make billions at any cost.


Brazil’s Dance With the Devil: Dave Zirin on the People’s Revolt Challenging 2014 World Cup


In his new book, “Brazil’s Dance With the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics and the Fight for Democracy,” sportswriter Dave Zirin tackles the growing unrest in Brazil in the leadup to one of sport’s biggest spectacles. Thousands of police officers have joined bus drivers for day two of a massive strike in São Paulo, just weeks before the World Cup is set to begin. Meanwhile, more than ten thousand people have occupied a lot next to one of the arenas that will host the World Cup’s opening match. They call their protest, “The People’s Cup” and are opposing the nearly half a billion dollars spent on the stadium, even as their communities lack adequate hospitals and schools. Demonstrations throughout the country have called attention to similar concerns. Zirin joins Democracy Now to discuss the protests rocking Brazil, as well as the biggest sporting controversy in the United States — the NBA’s attempt to oust owner Donald Sterling over his racist comments about African Americans. Zirin is a sports columnist for The Nation magazine and host of Edge of Sports Radio on Sirius/XM.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling For Life

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling For Life

Following his press conference regarding the distasteful statements that are now confirmed to be made by Los Angeles’ owner Donald Sterling, NBA Commissioner Donald Sterling has ruled to ban Sterling from all NBA dealings for life. He also has issued the maximum fine of 2.5 million dollars that will be dedicated to anti discrimination and tolerance efforts.

“This has been a painful moment for all of the NBA family,” Silver said. “I am particularly grateful for the leadership of Head Coach Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.”

Even though it was apparent that Sterling possessed hateful views of non-white people, Silver asserted that only after they received concrete evidence were they able to swiftly act. Aside from this total and complete ban, Silver also hopes to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

NBA is teams of mostly black players owned by older white men – enslavement just in a form where the slave gets paid a nice chunk of money. But, still owned by the white man.

It is known that white men like Sterling takes trips overseas and mail-order women of Latin, Asian or African descent to have as sexual toys. They’re exotic as the phrase goes….

Sterling just fckd up and let his words which are more than likely shared amongst friends & colleagues got heard this time. American Racism at the hands of Anglo-Saxons has not seized.


NFL Reaches Settlement With Former Players Who Suffer From Brain Injuries, Alzheimer’s, Depression

The National Football League has reached a settlement with former players who accused it of profiting from the sport’s violence, while hiding the risks of concussions and repeated hits to the head. On Thursday, the NFL agreed to a $765 million payout to all past NFL players and the spouses of those who have already died. The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed by than 4,500 former players, some of whom suffer from brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. This comes as the 2013 season football season kicks off for the NFL, colleges and high schools across the country. “I hope that the tremendous amount of publicity that’s been generated by this lawsuit will cause coaches and parents to think in a much more healthy way about how to take care of these kids and how to protect them and how to recognize the symptoms of concussions when they occur,” says Bill Littlefield, host of NPR’s “Only a Game,” who has followed the issue of concussions in sports for the past decade.

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