New Music – chrisxness – A|O|A Part 1.

From his musical aesthetic nature, to his raw hip hop flow – chrisxness releases Part 1. of 2 from his album A.T.L.A.S – Age of Aquarius A|O|A.

Show me the light that comes with real art. I am a lover of good music – music that you feel deep in your soul – music that not only makes you bob your head, but thought provoked alongside the feeling your heart calls out for – its called art.

We all need it. Art gives off energy into the atmosphere. Art is essential for life.

Listen – Feel the music – download the music – share the music.

Stay tunes for Part 2.

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New New ChrisxNess music!

The second single off the upcoming album “5” set to release July 2014.

I am a fan of this artist and can’t wait for this new drop. I appreciate and respect underground hip hop and who but the fans to give these artists the juice to keep going. Whether waiting for that chance to hit it big or doing it just for the music, we need artists like ChrisxNess to continue the real love of hip hop.

Produced By Trey Hemingway of the Analog|Division

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Hip Hop Highlight

Hip Hop Highlight

So, I went to a underground hip hop event last night in downtown Long Beach @ Harvelle’s to see a friend that goes by the name of Absent Avery (Twitter: uhlifealive) show along w| other artists Melziah Dia Nice Guy x Vinny.

The show, the people and the venue just gave out all good vibes! I love when my people and others alike can come together for sake of real music | hip hop and have a good time.

UhLife | Absent Avery is a dope hip hop artist and last night was the first time seeing him live – he gave the crowd a good show. The entire show | all artists made my head bob….

Before the artists performed, the DJ – Nice Guy x Vinny played some tracks. The sounds he played put me into a zone. I heard | felt sounds of hip hop, dance, dub step and R&B.

UhLife | Absent Avery

Nice Guy x Vinny

Melziah Dia


New CHRIS NESS xx UhLife xx Lotus

New CHRIS NESS xx UhLife xx Lotus

From his up & coming album titled 5 (V), Chris Ness delivers another song that gives you goosebumps. In collab with fellow hip hop artist UhLife and vocalists Lotus from Los Angeles, these three show their wonderful talents in this song.

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