New Music: Jazmine Sullivan

“Dumb” featuring Meek Mill.

It has been awhile since Jazmine has came out w| any music and I am glad to hear this new track. I Like it!

Available for purchase @ iTunes:



She’s got talent! – And she is a brown skinned beauty.

TDE Music has an artist I am patiently waiting to see all that she has to bring to the music world’s table. SZA is one of the artists signed to TDE and the musically inclined line-up they have seems to be legit.

I am glad to see young black artists creating a space for them to show off true talent. The future seems to be bright for TDE!


Skye Townsend – True Beauty

Skye Townsend - True Beauty

Eighteen years ago, on September 1st, Skye Townsend was introduced to the world. At only three years old, she declared to her parents that she would be an entertainer and refused to be anything less than a star. Shortly after discovering her passion for music, she began writing songs as a hobby. As a child, she discovered that songwriting was not just an activity to pass time but also an emotional and expressive outlet. Not only did Skye display talent in performing arts but also displayed interest in visual arts (painting, drawing, applying makeup and photography).

At thirteen years old, Skye began posting videos of herself singing several of her favorite artists’ songs on Youtube. Little did she know, Youtube was going to be the start of her career. Being the daughter of comedian/director Robert Townsend, Skye automatically fell in love with comedy as well as improv as a child. Along with her singing videos, Skye began posting impersonations and funny skits on her profile which garnered millions of views collectively over the years.

As Skye began approaching her later teen years, she found music to be her main focus and first true love. She made it very clear to her parents that she wanted to find her own way and really be exposed to hardships that new talent comes across in order to really develop her artistry. By the age of 18, Skye had worked with more than half of her favorite musicians/producers while still remaining an unsigned independent artist. Some of the credits include: Eric Hudson, Warryn Campbell, Soundz, Organized Noize, Rock City, Mike Ciro, Omen, JM Beatz, Team Tuma and Boola. Skye brings an old school feel with her unique tone and intensely honest lyrics. The bilingual artist enjoys playing with worldly sounds and finding new ways to connect to people lyrically. She says:

“I want to be unforgettable. I want people to see a photo of me years down the line and really remember how passionate I was about the arts. I am not just a singer nor am I just an actress. I am an artist. I also aspire to be a humanitarian. There are so many diseases, illnesses and issues in the world that can be avoided or terminated if people simply take the time to educate themselves. I always say that there’s a difference between talking and speaking as well as listening and hearing. When I open my mouth, I want to speak and be heard.” -S.T.

I first found out about Skye Townsend on Instagram, and I instantly wanted to follow her. She gives off a natural sweet soulful feel. She is beautiful and when I learned of who her father was, she became that much more intriguing.

She’s got a style out of this world, she can sing her butt off (My personal fav’s FREE, AK-47 and Eagle), she can write, personality and beauty. This is a young woman who should be the type of inspiration our young girls attempt to achieve. She’s not the cliche ‘Bad Bitch’ too many of our young black girls are following these days. Classy, sexy, smart, true talent is hard to find these days. Mainstream shows flood TV sets where there is more and more women downgrading themselves in order to be in front of the camera. Keep your pride Black Woman and stay true a higher being. Self filled with gratitude to the hardships of those who made it possible for your body and mind to be free.

Be sure to follow this Queen on Instagram @skyetownsend

Waiting for her music to be on iTunes > Hurry up Skye so I can download and play play play on my laptop!


Chris Ness xx Aunjel Adams LIVE this Sunday in SD!

Chris Ness xx Aunjel Adams LIVE this Sunday in SD!

If you ‘re a lover a good music (Hip Hop and R&B) > then you will want to be at San Diego Pride this Sunday, July 14th, 2013!!!!!

In accordance to human rights, these two multi-talented artists will grace the stage as their first big festival performance.

Chris Ness and Aunjel Adams LIVE at the Hip Hop Reloaded stage, hope to see you there!


Keyed Up Community; Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams

cropped-bannerKeyed Up Community has opened it’s doors to Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams.

What is Keyed Up Community you ask … It is a collective, a group, a community of talented artists, photographers and song writers who have come together to create art.

Producer Kwesi Young and artists Jay Deboi, Kaman Qua, Keith Hetrick, Stasia, Tiny T, David, Nancy + the new additions Chris Ness x Aunjel Adams. 2013 is looking real good!

In a time when real hip hop is scarce … Let me correct that – In a time when real hip hop lacks the face time it deserves, these talented individuals have no other choice but to make their way home. Now I speak home in the sense that any true artist feels at home when she or he is making music, when she or he is performing for a discerning crowd.

The music made by these artists keep you anticipating. It’s healthy to breathe such art, clean and dirty at the same time. Rough at the edges, but so smooth in delivery.

Q xx A w/ Chris Ness

U.M- So how did you link up w/ this collective?

C.N- I met Jay Deboi in a underground hip hop spot called the Common Ground during a show. I was an instant fan. What’s crazy is my boy Crookie had a studio session set up for C.A.R. with a guy named Jerry, and to my surprise, Jerry turned out to be Jay Deboi. Dope music was made, that atmosphere was real and creativity was bouncing off the walls.Needless to say, we kept in contact.

U.M- What made you want to join Keyed Up Community?

C.N- The main thing was just that it is really like family. I feel like I am at home when I am in the K.U.C. studio. Also, I am inspired by all of the artists. I’ve never heard anything close to the amount of creativity Jay Deboi and every artist alike put into their music. And that something I really wanted to be a part of. K.U.C. are creating music of tomorrow. I feel like what they are doing is the future of music, it’s not one dimensional like a lot of what you hear on the radio and see on TV, or even in the underground circuit. I beleive in what they do.

Stay tuned for of your music needs!

Be sure to go by the official site