J. Cole Interview w| Power 105.1

A favorite interview with J. Cole

This is an artist who speaks to and from the Black struggle. His music provokes thought, his music speaks loud, his music is what we need in hip hop.


Nicki Minaj – Talks About Her Relationship xx Pink Print

This interview with Angie Martinez gave me a totally different side of Nicki Minaj. I like this side, it was real, it was genuine.

Pink Print album favorite track Four Door Aventador!

Kanye West Interview | The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

So, Kanye West talks his new shoes, the Grammy’s, music culture, his wife’s fake ass, society, racism, Amber Rose, Tyga & Kylie Jenner,

Just a FYI Kanye – Kim Kardashian’s paid for shape is not new and different – black women have been blessed since the beginning, naturally. There is nothing at all that makes Kardashian a spectacular woman. She is as plainly stated, a rich accessory sadly a few black men have found to be the epiphany of wifey material.


I will say this – At least Miss Amber Rose has had to ‘work’ to get where she’s at now – speaking of monetary and stardom stat. For Kanye to say he had to shower 30 times before dating Kim K. after Amber Rose is a double entendre. These are both women who have exposed themselves, sexually via mass media and have dated other black men of celebrity status – neither one of these women are truly picture perfect.

Some truths spoken in this interview and some dumb ass shit also said!