Sandra Bland – The Racially Driven Arrest & Murder by the State of Texas

Everyday I am reading or seeing video of new police involved racist brutality and/or killings. Sandra Bland did nothing to be arrested and I along with other people feel she was murdered while in her holding cell.

To be Black in America is to be assumed a criminal, a  violent person who does not deserve benefit of a doubt as whites are given. The only way to rid this country / this world of racism is to totally dismantle the system which allows such atrocities that occur daily against Black / Latin people.

Walter Scott’s Murder

Officer Michael Slager shooting unarmed Walter Scott in the back in South Carolina.

This is the exact reason to hate white privileged racist AmeriKKKa.

The terrorism that racist whites have forced upon this country and lands beyond show absence of conscious, a soul that we are all said to be born with. Only time and the forcefulness of the fed up and tired will tell if this country / world will forever be place of chaos.

MobileJusticeCA – ACLU

hqdefault New phone application that allows users to record law enforcement, to alert other Mobile Justice CA app users to nearby law enforcement encounters and to submit videos and incident reports automatically to the ACLU of California. Individuals who believe that they have witnessed a civil rights violation can complete an incident report and send it to the ACLU for review, along with their contact information, for follow-up.

Chicago Officer Murder – No Justice For Rekia Boyd

Another Black life taken by an officer of this country’s unjust laws and acquitted of all charges.

Murderer Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin not guilty after shooting an unarmed 22-year old woman. The many cases in this country exactly as this one show the racism thats still exists.

When you watch this video, the officer and judge in this case show the a large number of white america’s mindset when it comes to skin color. This is nothing new to Black America, we are all too familiar with these types of gestures and ill-thinking to what is human kind as a whole. This world knows too much hate.



This morning in Los Angeles on skid row, LAPD tasered, shot and killed homeless man.

KTLA5 reports: Officers were dispatched to the area of East Sixth Street and South San Pedro Street (map) about 11:36 a.m. after a report of an altercation between two people, said Officer Jack Richter, spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

After the officers arrived a struggle ensued, during which police tazed a man, the LAPD said. The man was then shot by police, the department said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

See the full video of the incident here: