ACLU Petition Against Police Brutality|Killings

act14-nottheenemy-500x280-rel1With enough widespread public pressure, we can push our leaders to implement effective structural changes and transform policing across the country. It’s about time.

The Department of Justice (DOJ):

1.  Release the Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies including updates that would:

  • Make the Guidance enforceable
  • Apply the Guidance to state and local law enforcement who work in partnership with the federal government or receive federal funding
  • Close the loophole for the border and national security
  • Cover surveillance activities
  • Prohibit profiling based on religion, national origin, and sexual orientation

2.  Require racial bias training against the use of force for state and local law enforcement that receive grants

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What the Death of Army Pfc. LaVena Johnson Says About Us (Warning – Graphic Material)

What the Death of Army Pfc. LaVena Johnson Says About Us (Warning – Graphic Material)

Blacks and women and are put on the side burner when it comes to this country’s so-called morality. Sad, but not shocking truth…. Not sure if mankind will fully ever be capable of an equal moral conduct.