Meet Alex Elle

Natural Black Women!

This young woman is so inspirational at such a young age. She has plenty to say & much more to show our natural black women and those who don’t know where & how to begin that journey.

Remember – We are beautiful as we are. Do NOT let main stream media tell you otherwise. Once you start on a natural hair journey, it will be hard in the beginning but so rewarding after the short hump. I have been natural for a year now, and I feel I am wearing a crown on my head all the time now.

I am me, in my natural state. No chemicals, no weave required. Now, don’t think wearing a weave veery now & again is trading your natural hair journey.
Just don’t rely on that hair from overseas to make you…

It is a great feeling to not put heat to my hair every week, to not put a perm in and to not think I need some silky long hair not grown from my roots to be beautiful.

Feel the inspiration @


ItsMyRayeRaye – Beauty Queen

ItsMyRayeRaye - Beauty Queen

When I think of beauty and personality, Miss RayeRaye directly comes to mind.

I have been following ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube and Instagram for quite sometime now and she always has useful beauty and hair tips.

Baby Lips I rock now because of her. How to tie a turban? – She taught me! If you’re a natural sista, she has tips on how to and what not to when it comes to our hair.

She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen and she has a personality that rocks! You wouldn’t think such a beauty would be so goofy!

She is a woman I can relate to and look for when its comes to beauty tips.

Her YouTube: