Chunky Twist Out Tutorial for Short Natural Hair

For my sistas out there who don’t feel they can let their natural hair show, let your crowns glow.


Meet Alex Elle

Natural Black Women!

This young woman is so inspirational at such a young age. She has plenty to say & much more to show our natural black women and those who don’t know where & how to begin that journey.

Remember – We are beautiful as we are. Do NOT let main stream media tell you otherwise. Once you start on a natural hair journey, it will be hard in the beginning but so rewarding after the short hump. I have been natural for a year now, and I feel I am wearing a crown on my head all the time now.

I am me, in my natural state. No chemicals, no weave required. Now, don’t think wearing a weave veery now & again is trading your natural hair journey.
Just don’t rely on that hair from overseas to make you…

It is a great feeling to not put heat to my hair every week, to not put a perm in and to not think I need some silky long hair not grown from my roots to be beautiful.

Feel the inspiration @


ItsMyRayeRaye – Beauty Queen

ItsMyRayeRaye - Beauty Queen

When I think of beauty and personality, Miss RayeRaye directly comes to mind.

I have been following ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube and Instagram for quite sometime now and she always has useful beauty and hair tips.

Baby Lips I rock now because of her. How to tie a turban? – She taught me! If you’re a natural sista, she has tips on how to and what not to when it comes to our hair.

She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen and she has a personality that rocks! You wouldn’t think such a beauty would be so goofy!

She is a woman I can relate to and look for when its comes to beauty tips.

Her YouTube: