Rihanna Goes Topless

Rihanna Goes Topless

for French magazine LUI cover.

Multiple pictures have been posted to Rihanna’s Instagram from her photo shoot with Vogue Brazil and her double cover of their magazine.

Her sun kissed petite framed body and pierced nipples has the fans going bananas!
I can honestly say I like Rihanna very much so, she reminds me of a new age Madonna (I grew up listening to and watching Madonna).

Rihanna’s I don’t give a fck attitude and edgy music keeps me and people alike interested in what she’s got up her sleeve next.


Painted Black Face in the 21st Century

Painted Black Face in the 21st Century

Numéro Magazine- white model, Ondria Hardin to pose in an ‘African Queen’ Editorial.

You’re telling me they couldn’t find a BLACK model?
When was the African Queen white?
And, black, white, when was it ever okay to paint black face? – Because that’s what this is, in the 21st century.

What does that tell you about modern day? – That there has been little progression when it comes to racism. There’s just a new age way in which racism is expressed & shown in the light …