Happy Birthday Mr. Lupe Fiasco


Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco in Chicago, Illinois, Fiasco broke onto the hip-hop scene in 2006 with his debut album, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. The lead singles off the debut were “Kick, Push” and “Daydreamin” featuring R&B singer Jill Scott, which won the Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Song in 2008.

The most recent album Tetsuo & Youth released in January 2015 is one not to sleep on. This album and The Cool released in 2007 are at the top of my list as favs!

In addition to making his own music, Lupe has his own record label, 1st and 15th Entertainment and also works to help people in his hometown.

Happy Born Day Lupe!!!!!


Tetsuo & Youth Album – 2015

LUPE FIASCO new album is another addition to his list of accomplishments. Lupe’s music is thought provoking and almost always takes one a few times to listen to a track to interpret all the messages.

When hip hop needs a cleanse, Lupe Fiasco comes with albums to prove real music still lives even in mainstream entertainment.

Catch him live today Tuesday 1/27/15 on Revolt TV!


Lupe Fiasco – SLR2 – Kendrick Lamar & Jay Z {diss}

Lupe Fiasco responds to Kendrick Lamar‘s fighting words this track and 2 other – two tracks built to fire shots at the Compton MC; the latter is a continuation of Fiasco’s 2010 track “Super Lupe Rap.” Lupe Fiasco gains momentum toward the end of “SLR 2″, digging deeper into Kendrick’s display on Big Sean‘s “Control (HOF)” and dishing out a few of his thoughts on Jay Z‘s album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

And quote:
Took two sips of the holy grail then I backed up &I turned around & I bent over & pittoo’d shit.What do you think?
I love Jay, that’s my nigga. I feel sicker than a cruise ship

Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead and that shit is insane.
He’s so crazy, look at the little baby.
Nigga you ain’t Nas, nigga you ain’t Jay-Z.
You will respect me, you will reject me,
But I’ve done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me

SLR #1 @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT8YO2ZvmPk

Yea, Lupe Fiasco is in a category of his own as he says and most other mainstream rap artists are not in his category… He is a genius writer and says WTF he wants. Love you Lupe!

I fcks w| Kenrick too tho! They are each in their own category.
See KUBE 93 for Summer Jam interview:


Lupe Fiasco & Ab-Soul – Thorns & Horns

Lupe Fiasco & Ab-Soul – Thorns & Horns

New Lupe track with Ab-Soul for the much anticipated album Drogas. Lupe gave an explanation via Soundcloud for the collab with Soul stating, “Just because we can rap really really good!”

Lupe has a mindset beyond most and he ignites consciousness within myself. He will always be a fav of mine and will continue to spread his fluid thoughts in such a way people have to listen.



Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

I went to the Lupe Fiasco show last night at the House of Blues Sunset and this was the best show I have been to thus far!

Lupe is a lyrical genius, and he had me in a deep zone performing all my favorite song from the album Food & Liquor 2, along with other songs from previous albums.

He gave us a taste of his new song Crack featuring Chris Brown which will be on his to be released 2014 album Tetsuo & Youth.

It is so pleasing to the soul to have experienced hip hop in its rarest form, conscious and musically entertaining. He gives a great show and I look forward to the new album.


Lupe Fiasco: Solely for the Soul

This is an example of a great black man who is constantly progressing in his quest for attainable knowledge.

Lupe Fiasco is one of our great artists who should be looked upon by our young black boys and men. He is a teacher in the language of our culture, our history, our present day and our future.


His #1 Fan!

His #1 Fan!

Who is he you ask … CHRIS NESS he goes by, but is so much more than just a name.

He is hip hop, he is black, he is love & peace, he is an important voice to be heard, he is a breathe of fresh air to music, he is old school & new school, he is a lyricist, he is a poet, he is art*

Chris Ness is not your ordinary hip hop artist. He has a way of telling a story in his music, making you feel deep emotions all while making you want to move with his music! As he may say, wavy!

This year, 2013 he is launching his campaign for a spot in the 2014 XXL Magazine Freshman 10 Spot. Good music lovers are encouraged to take a listen and watch some visuals in support of his campaign!

Like is music?? Re-post links to any of his videos, music or the flyer you see above with #chrisness #xxlfreshman

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Wherever you’re at right now, take a few minutes to click on the links below. Open your ears & mind, vibe out…



Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor II

Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor II

Best album of the year, award or not….

Favorite track – Strange Fruition:
You forced us in the ghettos, then you took our Dad’s.The belly of the beast, these streets are demon’s abs…

Divided over money. Delighted by the dumbing down of the importance of crowns we’ll never have…. That’s my sounds a sermon of soul full of wrath, baptize your mind, let your brain take a bath…..

Just a few favorite lyrics from my favorite song on the Food & Liquor II album. If you haven’t purchased this album, go do it now. Listen, I mean, really listen.