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Esty – Killing Your Ills ft Tyga [Official Music Video]


Sorella Boutique

Sorella Boutique

I love to blog about young successful black women and men!

Sorella Boutique founded by Heather Sanders (Instagram: @HeatherSanders_ ) originally from Dallas, TX but is via sunny California these days. She lists herself as video vixen, model and now business owner which I think is a much more credible and long lasting title.

I love the wave of video models finding their own path to success without the continued degradation that most of the time comes with being a video model.

She not only has her own business, she is employing other young women to model for her highly fashionable line.

Keep up the good work gal!
Be sure to check the line out at


Last Kings

Last Kings

Line Last Kings brought to you by hip hop artist Tyga is pretty darn wavy!

Tyga is a young artist out of So CAL signed with Young Money Entertainment and he is showing fans he can do more than just rap.

Now, there are plenty of celebrities that come out with their own clothing, jewelry, make-up, ext lines. But, not all are worth spending your hard earned money.

Last Kings I can actually see myself rocking a LK pouch or snapback. It’s trendy, fashionable and has a name attached to it that I can vibe with.

Last Kings, Egypt – Africa, the Motherland. He chose the perfect icon. I hope to see him portray the true meaning and pride of having such an icon to represent ones brand.