Darren Rainey – Another Black Man Killed by Racist Pigs

Darren Rainey - Another Black Man Killed by Racist Pigs


The mentally-ill prisoner at the Dade Correctional Institution was forced him to stand in a tiny shower stall while being blasted by scalding hot water until his skin began to shrivel away from his body after he defecated in his cell. Fellow inmates say he begged for his life before collapsing in the shower.

“I can’t take it no more, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,’’ he screamed over and over, according to a grievance complaint from a fellow inmate.

The Florida’s Department of Corrections often comes up with cruel and imaginative punishments for prisoners — allegedly ranging from starvation diets to forcing prisoners to fight so the guards could place bets.

The Miami Herald reports that it was DOC Officer Roland Clarke who was on video placing Rainey in the shower at 7:38pm on June 23, 2012. Conveniently, the camera outside the shower “malfunctioned” right after Rainey was forced in. He was found dead at 9:30pm.

The facility then did its best to cover up the death. Sources say that it was alleged that Rainey had a heart attack, yet DOC refused to perform an autopsy. The official cause of death has never been announced. No one has been charged with the death of Darren Rainey.

“Two years is a very long time to wait to find out why your brother was found dead in a shower,” said Rainey’s brother, Andre Chapman.

This is the exact reason why even I as a BLACK WOMAN do not feel protected by these officers of the law. They are a majority of men and women (mostly men though) who get high off the power they are given over people lives. All it takes is 6 months (depending on what state you live in) to complete police training and you can be in charge of people lives.

CA police officers are some of the highest paid in the country. In the SF Bay Area police officers and Deputy Sheriff’s can easily earn $100,000 or more per year. Many departmental starting salaries in the SF Bay Area are $30-38 per hour. Other parts of the country pay significantly less, however their costs of living are also much less. The median expected salary for a typical Police Patrol Officer in the United States is $45,780.00

So officers are being paid quite well for such little training and the ability to practice racism, sexism, to torture and get away with murder as in this case. This country was built on racism and the hatred the white man (yes, I said the white man) holds against those who aren’t the same skin color will never cease unfortunately.


Trial Begins in Case of Man Who Murdered Florida Teen Jordan Davis Over Loud Music

The case of a Florida high school student named Jordan Davis who was shot dead in 2012 on the day after Thanksgiving over a dispute about loud music. The trial of his killer, Michael Dunn, began Thursday. Dunn claims he felt threatened by Davis and his three teenage friends after in an SUV that pulled up next to him. According to his police interview, one of the teens in the car said something about “killing.” Dunn said when Davis allegedly bent down in the car he feared he was reaching for a weapon. Dunn then used his handgun to shoot four times into the SUV. When the teenagers started to retreat, Dunn chased their vehicle and shot four to five more shots. Jordan was fatally shot in the backseat. Dunn is expected to use the Stand Your Ground defense during his trial, in which he faces the same prosecutor who argued the Trayvon Martin case. We play excerpts from the trial’s opening arguments, and speak with Michael Skolnik, editor-in-chief of, who has been closely following the case and has been in contact with Davis’ parents. He serves on the board of directors of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Skolnik also explains why he’s asked the rapper DMX not to fight George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match.


Hear the words of Jordan’s Mother of how this man murdered her son because he was black. This Stand Your Ground law has made it easy for white men to kill and use as reason for their racist minds to commit crimes.


Earl Sampson, a Miami Gardens Florida Man, is Subjected to Police Racial Profiling Hundreds of Times in 4 Years

Earl Sampson, a Miami Gardens Florida Man, is Subjected to Police Racial Profiling Hundreds of Times in 4 Years

According to the Miami Herald, Earl Sampson, a 28 year old African American man in Miami Gardens, has been questioned 258 times in four years, arrested 62 times for trespassing while on his own work place, and searched more than 100 times. The convenience store where Sampson works is owned by Alex Saleh, who, upon noticing how disproportionately poor and black employees and customers were being targeted by police, installed video cameras to capture their activities on film. Apparently the only thing that Sampson has ever been arrested for is a minor charge of marijuana possession – something he would not be arrested for anymore in states like Colorado or Washington. This extreme case of what unarguably appears to be racial profiling has prompted Saleh to prepare a civil rights lawsuit in response. Miami Gardens is a poor city with a majority black population. However, the police force is primarily white and Latino.



Teenage Graffiti Artist Dies After Being Tasered by Miami Police

Teenage Graffiti Artist Dies After Being Tasered by Miami Police

A Miami Beach police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after he fatally shot an 18-year-old graffiti artist with a taser. The teenager, Israel Hernandez, was an award-winning artist whose work had been exhibited locally. The police officer, Jorge Mercado, began chasing Hernandez after he saw the artist spray-painting his tag on a boarded-up McDonald’s storefront. Hernandez, who was born in Colombia, was reportedly shot after a 10-minute chase. According to witnesses, the police officers involved in the chase celebrated after they trapped and tased Hernandez by slapping each other with high-fives as the teenager lay dying in the street. Hernandez’ high school art teacher Frank O’Hare said: “In my 20 years as an art teacher, Israel was one of the most unique and talented students I have ever encountered.” Hernandez’ parents are calling for an independent investigation into his death.

Cops, or what I like to call them, PIGS have found a new way to kill people. This was a young boy who weighed about 140lbs, he was no threat to any armed officer. This is a story that replays all over the country.

It is too easy to become a cop. You can be a D-grade student all your life and become a foot fighter for law by taking a test and passing a few physical tests.

This country, and countries beyond would produce better officers of the law if it made these people go through college courses for psychology, psychiatry and substance abuse and criminal law with at the least an Associates Degree.

The training for officers of the law is a joke and this is a major reason why police brutality, killings and abuse of authority plagues this field.


Preparation Rally for 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Preparation Rally for 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

We as a people, my black brothas and sistas that is, cannot rely on a system that was not built for us. We must make this so-called justice system work for us. Corrupt system ran by white devil’s who I hope to see their own judgment day after last breath is taken… The almighty God sure does make things to be one sided… This is the naked ugly truth about this country and lands beyond. Black lives mean nothing in the face of the white man & his tamed woman.

We must make a change!!!

July 20th, 2013 12:00 PM

Federal Court Buildings


“Justice for Trayvon” National Day of Action Vigils in 100 Cities outside of Federal Court Buildings Saturday, July 20th – 12 Noon

The vigils, taking place in 100 cities, will be a call to action pushing for federal charges against George Zimmerman leading up to the Saturday, August 24 March on Washington.


Locations See:

Remember to sign petition:


George Zimmerman Murder Trial Opens with Profanity, Knock-Knock Joke

George Zimmerman Murder Trial Opens with Profanity, Knock-Knock Joke

The second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman for killing unarmed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin has opened in Florida. During opening statements Monday, attorneys on each side cast conflicting views of Zimmerman’s motives on the night of the shooting last February. Prosecutor John Guy said Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, had profiled the 17 year-old as suspicious and chose to assume the role of a police officer and follow him. He quoted Zimmerman’s own expletive-laced words to a dispatcher.

John Guy: “Good Morning. ‘F—ing punks. These a—holes always get away.’ Those were the words in that grown man’s mouth as he followed, in the dark, a 17-year-old boy who he didn’t know. Excuse my language, but those were his words, not mine.”

These were prosecutor John Guy’s concluding remarks at the end of his opening statement Monday.

John Guy: “We are confident that at the end of this trial you will know in your head, in your heart and your stomach that George Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon Martin because he had to. He shot him for the worst of all reasons: because he wanted to.”

Defense lawyer Don West argued that Zimmerman killed Martin because he feared for his life after the teenager smashed Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk, which he suggested constituted a deadly weapon. West told a knock-knock joke toward the beginning of his remarks, a move for which he later apologized.

Don West: “Knock, knock, who’s there? George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman who? All right good, you’re on the jury. Nothing? (audience laughs) That’s funny.”


#Millionhoodies Trayvon Martin Not to be Forgotten

#Millionhoodies Trayvon Martin Not to be Forgotten

Today 6:10:13 @ Vernon & Crenshaw in Los Angeles, Leimert Park > 4pm / March for Justice @ 5pm / Rally @ 6pm > May call 213-840-5348 for more info!

Black names not to be forgotten. Too many young black and brown men racially profiled, put in jails, beaten and killed daily. The new age Jim Crown is the prison industrial system that keep our people behind bars and not able to be a part of this so-called democracy.

Open your eyes, minds & stay aware of what is going on around you.

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