Coachella – 2015

Azealia Banks – Heavy Metal 

Kiesza Interview 




unnamedMuch love xx respect to Art Is My Drug for having ChrisxNess and Sen Lotus as performers this past Saturday at the 2nd annual music festival.

There were merch xx food vendors there w| plenty of talented artist performances.

We look forward to working with this positive group again in the future.

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Made in America Trailer

Jay Z brings the Made in America festival.

I just watched this behind the scenes footage brought to you by HBO and this made me appreciate the artist and business man Jay Z. He is a successful black man who made something out of nothing and is shedding a spotlight on other artists trying to gain the success he holds firm in his hands.

Next thing on my list is to get my artist w| RocNation! I am aspiring to be a female guru like he + she (meaning: Jay Z xx Beyonce)!

Be sure to watch the trailer and tune in for re-runs if you didn’t catch the show.