Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls

While listening to Feminist Magazine on they aired the story of this extraordinary woman.

Imagine a country where girls must sneak out to go to school, with deadly consequences if they get caught learning. This was Afghanistan under the Taliban, and traces of that danger remain today. 22-year-old Shabana Basij-Rasikh runs a school for girls in Afghanistan. She celebrates the power of a family’s decision to believe in their daughters — and tells the story of one brave father who stood up to local threats.


YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence

This world’s view on women will not change until our leaders think or are female and male feminists.
Santa Barbara is grieving after a 22-year-old man killed six college students just after posting a misogynistic video online vowing to take his revenge on women for sexually rejecting him. The massacre prompted an unprecedented reaction online with tens of thousands of women joining together to tell their stories of sexual violence, harassment and intimidation. By Sunday, the hashtag #YesAllWomen had gone viral. In speaking out, women were placing the shooting inside a broader context of misogynist violence that often goes ignored. In her new book, “Men Explain Things to Me,” author and historian Rebecca Solnit tackles this issue and many others. “We have an abundance of rape and violence against women in this country and on this Earth, though it’s almost never treated as a civil rights or human rights issue, or a crisis, or even a pattern,” Solnit says. “Violence doesn’t have a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it does have a gender.”


As I listened to this man and his reasoning for killing, I automatically sensed how he felt entitlement as a male to women (their bodies). This is from culture, religion and/or the way boys are taught at a young age so seek women for pleasure, in which they should submit themselves to.

Now, not all men think this way. There are a large number of men who respect, love and appreciate what a woman has to offer in an equally distributed relationship whether it be strictly sexual or mental.

But, there are most men who feel women are here to serve their sexual needs. Sexism is real and rapes happen everyday. Voices of women are not to be shunned because she may have been drunk, dressed a certain way, knew her rapist or even had a relationship with in the past. No means No!


Danny Glover & Kathleen Cleaver on “Black Power Mixtape”

Based on the film with the same name, the extraordinary new book “The Black Power Mixtape” chronicles the black freedom movement in the United States using found footage of top African-American leaders between 1967 and 1975. Shot by Swedish journalists and discovered in the basement of Swedish public television 30 years later, the film features some of the leading figures of the Black Power movement in the United States, including Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis and Eldridge Cleaver. Renowned American actor, film director and political activist, Danny Glover; and Kathleen Cleaver, professor at Emory Law School, who is featured in the film during her stint as communications secretary of the Black Panther Party, talk about the film.

I saw this film at in Los Angeles, purchased the DVD when made available and I try to make as many friends watch it as possible. It is a must see, it is an eye opener, it is my history. These people featured in the film along w| many other names unknown made it possible for my sister, brothers and I to have careers, go to school, sit down in restaurants and much more. We owe much homage to them.

See the Democracy Now video clip here:
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The author, activist, and intellectual Angela Y. Davis is this year’s UC Regents Professor and Professor of History of Consciousness, an interdisciplinary PhD program, and Professor of Feminist Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz. The event is sponsored by the Gender Studies Department.
She will be giving a lecture titled “Feminism and Abolition: Extending the Dialogue”
at UCLA Los Angeles, Ca in the Royce Hall
Thursday May 8th, 2014
5:30pm to 7:00pm


Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminism- MY THOUGHT:
The active ingredients in the acts of male supremacy is taught superiority, exploitation of the opposite sex & those of the same sex who don’t participate in the said norm of a ‘man’, and of course politics….. Open up to a new light & be the men of a new && better tomorrow***

One of my favorite articles to this day – Read!


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