Beyonce – Formation


Just to let you (the world) know – I am still all BLACK! – Unapologetically BLACK*

I like my baby w| baby hair and afros. I like my negro nose w| Jackson Five nostrils.


In a country, in a world filled w| hypocrisy.

Blackness is not what whiteness considers virtuous. But yet, our culture, our skin color, our beautiful features are mimicked by those same person’s who hate us – but are so, and have been, infatuated w| everything that makes us divine.

Beyonce is in solidarity w| her fellow black women – and men.

With the Tidal (the music streaming service owned by Jay Z and friends) announcement on Friday, $1.5 million will be donated to the Black Lives Matter organization as well as other civil rights groups including: New York Million Hoodies, Hands Up United, NY Justice League, the Oscar Grant Foundation and the Trayvon Martin Foundation.



This is exactly what we need from our black celebrities – awareness, open discussions, conscious music and attributions to our communities.




New Music – chrisxness – A|O|A Part 1.

From his musical aesthetic nature, to his raw hip hop flow – chrisxness releases Part 1. of 2 from his album A.T.L.A.S – Age of Aquarius A|O|A.

Show me the light that comes with real art. I am a lover of good music – music that you feel deep in your soul – music that not only makes you bob your head, but thought provoked alongside the feeling your heart calls out for – its called art.

We all need it. Art gives off energy into the atmosphere. Art is essential for life.

Listen – Feel the music – download the music – share the music.

Stay tunes for Part 2.

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Racism – Media Mind Control

I will be sharing videos showing the truth with the entertainment business which is owned and controlled by white men. The minds of the masses are being controlled unconsciously. Sadly, a majority of people have no idea the television shows, music and all other types of imagery being fed to them is a successful ploy to keep their minds at the lowest possible state.

The strategic moves the entertainment business and United States government make against people of color is a system of oppression and destruction.

Open your minds my Black people *** That is the only way to a higher state of being.

New Music – chrisxness

From the album Age of Aquarius (release date – unknown right now) track titled Nice Things.

While working on his craft, preparing for the album drop – making sure all the tracks are not the same hip hop you hear on the radio | internet – chrisxness still proves to be one of our favorite indie | underground artists.

Take a listen and share your thoughts! – If you are feeling the track – share it! – That is how artists get true and loyal fans.

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Karen Civil

Building A Playground, Her Brand And The Future – via

Digital empress Karen Civil turned the big 30 last November and celebrated by giving back. Civil traveled to her parents’ native Haiti to lead the funding for the construction of the Live Civil Playground. The interactive space holds 1,500 elementary students and was created with recyclable materials with the intent on giving kids a safe place to play and foster their creativity. With some extra funding from friends DJ Funkmaster Flex and Meek Mill, Civil was able to add philanthropy to her already impressive resume.

VIBE: You have your hands in a lot of different ventures. Why did you decide to build the Live Civil Playground in Haiti?
Karen Civil: I felt it was necessary to make sure that in the same way my social platforms continue to prosper and grow, that I help my community prosper and grow. I also felt it was necessary to give back to the community that made my parents such hard workers.

I have been following this woman for quite some time now, and this just adds to my appreciation and respect for her. I look forward to watching her career grow. If you would like the chance to learn how she has become successful and meet this Queen – the last Civil Tour date is
Feb. 22nd, 2015 in Los Angeles, Ca
Visit for details.

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