New and Rising Fashion Designer – D.haleter


 * Tell us your name & your clothing line:

My Name is Dymond and my Brands name is D.haleter pronounced (AL-tee) 

 * Do you have a website yet? If not, what are, if any, the site(s) you sale your pieces on?  – Or, is it only via individual orders?

I do have a website it is however I do take custom orders as well contacted via email

 * What inspired you to become a designer & how old were you started the line?

I actually grew up a dancer. Fashionesta mindset but dance was what had my attention…. I Designed my first dress when I was 17 years old for my best friend to have made for her prom. And I dropped my first clothing collection when I was 19 in December 2012. 

 * What has been the toughest thing you faced in the works of getting your line up & running? 

Definitely doing it all on my own. Im taking the entrepreneur approach. And being self taught in sewing and not having any fashion school background I’ve endured the hardships of building everything I have from the ground up. But, thats what they say isn’t it… Entrepreneurs are those people who will endure the extra hard years for a life they truly want and deserve. 

* What are your aspirations | goals with the line? 

To make my Brand a household name.. As a designer I also do styling and creative directing. And more I want my brand to become a well known name in fashion like Versace or McQueen, not just clothing but much more than that. 

 * Give us a brief description of the line. What types of pieces have you created thus far:

Well, the “Haleter” of D.haleter is french. It means to be at a loss of breath or to gasp. And that is what I consider my clothing, breath taking. I design cloths for the the trend setters the statement makers. The people who aren’t afraid to raise a few eyebrows and turn a few heads. In a good way of course. Luxury ready to wear clothing with an edge. I design a little of everything from urban wear to swimwear, gowns and outerwear.


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