NFL – Domestic Abuse – No More Campaign

I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I did watch this episode of DemocracyNow!

FYI: The NFL (Nonprofit Football League) has not paid any taxes since 1966 and average Americans are left paying higher taxes to make up for that lost revenue.

The NFL has spent decades covering up domestic violence and now attempts to put up a conscious front. This league is only out to make billions at any cost.

Selma Director Ava DuVernay Interview on DemocracyNow!

The lack of diversity, opinion and understanding in America | Hollywood of films which don’t portray Black people as slaves or the housemaid.

This film gives a look into Martin Luther King Jr. and the countless people who stood next to him in the fight for civil rights. The fight that has still not been completely won to this current day – give homage to the powerful voices and bodies which paved the path for us today.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK Jr.