J. Cole – Be Free – Tribute to Michael Brown

The North Carolina rapper J. Cole went to the small St. Louis suburb to visit the memorial where an unarmed Michael Brown was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

See pictures and video @ http://globalgrind.com/2014/08/18/j-cole-visits-michael-browns-memorial-ferguson-photos/

TRUF – The Movement Mixtape


0f038ab3fd717f27bc8af650e0077b6dCarson, California fellow native and friend TRUF signs music contract with Rick Ross Music Group / Universal Music Group Distribution and I am officially giving a salute to this artist.

He’s been working on music since his teenage years and has the drive to take it to the top.

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FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD @ http://www.audiomack.com/album/truf-1/the-movement-mixtape

ThrowBack Hip Hop Thursday – chrisxness SKITTLES X ICE TEA

In the height of so many unarmed young black men being murdered by police officers, I think it’s only right to play one of my fav hip hop artists chrisxness who recorded this song when Trayvon Martin was murdered.

It is an ugly truth that this country was built on racism and is still one of the major forces in law | politics | everyday life for so many. But we have a black President they say, this does not change anything. In order to fall in line w| the powers at be, you have to be a sell out – point blank period.

I just hope for all the black voices and names to be heard at the highest level we find capable for our own. The hatred human’s hold against each other will never cease, we see it across the globe. Let those who lived a righteous life – and what I mean by that is – those who were good to others and felt no need to hurt, kill, abuse (ect…) be given eternal life beyond what is seen by our human eyes.

My heart hurts for those killed and their families, for those who do not deserve to be treated as if they feel no pain.





Artist Highlight: ChrisxNess – Howl at the Sun

I follow all of his music and am waiting to see him make it to the top or even just as a successful artist at the underground level. Chris Ness is from Moreno Valley, Ca and has a sound which very few hip hop artists possess these days. It’s been leaked that he will have a video for this track soon and I will be the first to post it.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to follow him on Instagram @iamchris_ness
Twitter @Chris_ness