Racist America

There is no question that the United States of America was built on racism and is still the driving force of this capitalist / supremacist society.

From your everyday people, to the state police, to corporations all the way to the top with our government. A flag being taken down does not dissolve the racism blacks deal with everyday.

Rachel Dolezal – is NOT Black

It is so popular and yet at the same time, unpopular to be black. With our culture and identity being stolen, can we please have something of our own not for the taking and appropriating by white people.

Rachel Doleful would have done much better and more if she would of just of been herself while doing the activism work for the black community. Because lets be truthful, when white people speak about the the injustices black people face, its heard a little clearer.

She obviously loves black people, culture and the way we look. But her approach to how she could reach us was through lies and now she has lost all trust from those she so eagerly wanted to help.