Baltimore – The United States Police – Black People

Black people are tired & frustrated beyond words of the injustices we deal with and have been for centuries.
Most of these police officers are average individuals who possess anger, racism, sexism issues and are violent. They go into this field strictly to use such a position for power & control over a population, not to help people.
They deserve no mercy from the oppressed and damn sure not from God when it comes the day they’re judged.

Stories about police brutality in Baltimore and all across the United States go far beyond Freddie Gray, whose death resulting from a spinal cord injury sustainen police brutality while in police custody has sparked protests throughout the city. Media coverage of looting, rioting, and burning cars and buildings shows only a small part of the bigger picture.

Riots are a sign of humans being fed up!

Chicago Officer Murder – No Justice For Rekia Boyd

Another Black life taken by an officer of this country’s unjust laws and acquitted of all charges.

Murderer Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin not guilty after shooting an unarmed 22-year old woman. The many cases in this country exactly as this one show the racism thats still exists.

When you watch this video, the officer and judge in this case show the a large number of white america’s mindset when it comes to skin color. This is nothing new to Black America, we are all too familiar with these types of gestures and ill-thinking to what is human kind as a whole. This world knows too much hate.

Happy Earth Day 🌍🌾🐼🐝🐠


With each century that passes, it shows the carelessness majority of humans possess when it comes to this magnificent blessing called Mother Earth.

We do NOT have a never ending supply of natural resources & one day we will be an extinct species at this detrimental mind & physical state most are in… If you don’t care about Mother Earth for yourself, care for your children and their children.