First Look at Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” Video

With the hottest hip hop album out, Kendrick Lamar has taken it back to his hometown of Compton to shoot the video for the track King Kunta.

The Compton swap-meet has been closed, but hopefully the city and it’s community will open the fashion square back up. Maybe Kendrick could make that happen.

I grew up in a city right next to Compton and had plenty of friends who grew up in Compton. I’ve seen Ujima Village where my friends grew up and I hung out at on the weekends in the 90’s be vacated now the swap-meet. I want to see Compton strive as a city that can do good things for it’s community. Hopefully Kendrick lends a helpful hand.

Trash Talk – Chris Brown’s 9 month old Daughter ‘Royalty’

unnamedIt’s true when they say: Smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place (singing the O’Jays).

Chris Brown has acknowledged the child he made with Nia Guzman who in the pictures shown has been in the presence of long time girlfriend Karrueche Tran. He posted a picture of the baby girl pn his Instagram page and then deleted, but pictures were taken of the baby mama along with her teenage daughter visiting Chris Brown while on the Behind The Scenes tour in Houston.

Word of advice ladies: There is nothing wrong with not being so easily trusting. People will act as if they are good hearted, but all along want to take what’s yours. Always remember, if your partner is easily swayed to cheat, they really weren’t only yours to begin with – no love should hurt the way we all know Karrueche is feeling.

For the women out there who go after men who are in relationships, karma is a bitch – remember that.

Know your worth ladies!

The View – Racism

Views given from different sides/shades. Rosie Perez is on point.

My view: White people, don’t say nigga/nigger. You’re not Black and your ancestors and those kin who inherited the same toxic mindset use(d) this term to degrade our people. It’s a line that should not be crossed whether you are infatuated | love Black culture or if you hate us. Either there is a pure love for us, infatuation (via an unconscious racist lens) or hate.

Yes, some Black people have flipped nigger to nigga, it’s a double entendre. But, that is for Blacks only to make the conscious decision to take from a negative and turn into a positive something which historically was used as a weapon against us.