Solange Marries video director Alan Ferguson

solange-3-435At at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans on Sunday in front of about 200 family and friend. The couple arrived via white-painted vintage bicycles.

Big sis Beyoncé pulled up about 15 minutes later in a black SUV, with husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy. Mom Tina Knowles, son Daniel Julez and singer Janelle Monae were also in attendance.

“Luckily, I dated all of the losers ages ago,” Solange told Harper’s Bazaar earlier this year. “My love life has been stable for a while. It’s a f–cked up thing … without conflict it’s a lot harder to write interesting songs.”

I am happy for Solange – she has a beautiful which pours out through her music and pictures. Wish her and new hubby the best of luck!


Kim Khardashian’s Paper Magazine Photo’s

kim-kardashian-buttIt’s obvious that she is not consciously aware of the annotations of these images. Or, maybe she is and just doesn’t give a fck. Either way, Kim Khardashian has chosen to work with a photographer who has a history of an infatuation with the black woman’s body – her ‘exotic’ features.

Jean-Paul Goude who was in a relationship and photographed Grace Jones – and who recreated that iconic shot of her in a cage with Amber Rose. A woman being placed in a cage, a black woman symbolizes so much in so many negative ways.

As I read from the article the image above was originally from a book called “Jungle Fever’, in which Jean-Paul got the idea from the originally photograph the black woman on the right of these two images. Recreated by a Kim K.

These images go back further than that. They are too familiar of the images of a black slave woman brought to London by the name of Saartjie Baartman. Her large buttocks brought her racist fueled fame. Like Kim, Saartjie was voluptuous but tiny, but all natural unlike Kim K. She stood four feet, seven inches to Kim’s purported five-three. Unlike Kim, she didn’t just have her sizable assets in the way of talent. (Whether ‘balancing a champagne glass on your ass’ is a talent remains up for discussion.) She had learned and practiced multiple instruments in her native land (in what is now South Africa). On the stages of London and Paris, she regaled packed audiences with singing, dancing, and instrumental routines.

Baartman’s Khoisan heritage and unearthly figure meant that she was both an exotic foreigner and a “freak.” Her arrival in London merged those two categories together, ushering in the era of the human zoo.

The posing of a black woman’s body as being unusual, not of what is considered normal (in European standards), is blatant racism and misogyny. To have these very same images recreated by the photographer and white women is a sign of mocking to the black woman’s body – as it is a public figure for all to see.

The racist undertones still present in media today shows how we are not past this issue and have to be more consciously aware of the images being created and fed to society.

Who is Saartjie Baartman?


Rapper & Activist Ceebo Tha Rapper Facing 4-24 Years in Prison

10372584_712805622135608_493260513895885466_n The cousin of murdered Ezell Ford by the LAPD, since then Ceebo became a community organizer in Los Angeles and has been organizing rallies and marches for Tha Movement for Ford, demanding justice for Ezell Ford and all victims of police violence.

Ceebo is now facing a long prison sentence following a house robbery in Pomona, Ca in which he and his and his codefendant, Andrew Lopez, were identified in a popular practice known as a field ID. Unlike line ups in police stations, field ID’s essentially constitute a police officer bringing the witness into the field where they tell the witness that they should not be biased just because they see the suspect in custody or handcuffs. Police then show their suspect to the witness. All in the hopes of non-bias, the witness then says yes this is the one I saw or no. Field identifications are a dangerous practice that threaten to bring frequently criminalized black and brown youth that much further from justice and closer to becoming a statistic.

Ironic this young black man who has been rallying against police brutality|murder is now facing years in prison for a crime that would seem to have no proof at all of him being guilty of any crime. This unjust system is out to imprison|enslave our men and women – this system shows no conscious.

Pack The Court on 11/20/14 at 8:30AM Pomona Superior Court @ 400 Civic Center Plz. Pomona, Ca 91766 6th Floor, Dept. T

Read more from the source and see the They Don’t Care About Us video: