Return of the Mecca


Curated by
Sohail Daulatzai
(Razor Step) – One of my sisters professors at UCR. A man who holds much knowledge. I’ve sat in a couple of his classes, discussions and book signing of Black Star Crescent Moon – he brings light to issues some may find uncomfortable. But who is she/he to be an educator, if not to provoke thought beyond basic capacity.

Info provided at the website:

Rakim. Public Enemy. A Tribe Called Quest. Gang Starr. Ice Cube. The Wu-Tang Clan. Mos Def. Lupe Fiasco. Jay Electronica. To many, these are some of hip-hop’s most significant artists. But few know that these artists, like many others, identify as Muslim and/or are connected to the larger world of Islam. Through the influence of figures such as Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, hip-hop culture was dominated, if not deeply influenced by its relationship to Islam, from the foundation of Zulu Nation in the early 1970’s, to the “Golden Age” of hip-hop (1986-1995), and onto the present. Return of the Mecca will showcase how Islam deeply impacted the world of art and culture, creating an alternative Black consciousness, one where Black people imagined themselves not as a national minority, but as part of a global majority.

Exhibition runs until
November 22, 2014


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