New Kendrick Lamar – I Love Myself

Different sound – I like when hip hop artists go outside of the box that too many know not how to navigate one’s mind to such higher levels.

Still to this day, my fav Kendrick album is Overly Dedicated. If you haven’t heard it, take a listen.

Documentary: Elementary Genocide

Open dialogue for this documentary showcases a key issues of the black and brown struggle in the United States.

Be sure to share this with your friends, family and even strangers.

Beyonce | Jay Z | On The Run Tour

This is the first HBO concert film for these superstars. Taped September 12th and 13th at Paris’ Stade de France, this special will feature



 Jay Z

performing more than 40 songs.

Premiers on HBO tomorrow Saturday Sep. 20th, 2014 at 9PM E.T.

After the premier, you can watch replays on HBO Zone 9/20/14 at 11:30PM until Monday 9/22/14.

Not really too caught up in the divorce rumors. But if Bey is pregnant again (as rumored), congrats to the two of them!

Dear White People Movie – Reaction from a Black Woman

I know this movie will not capture wholly the elements which come with past and present day racism. But, I think this is a good movie for people of all colors to see as an eye opener to those in denial as well as being a humorous film for those who are all too aware of what has been an issue in this country for decades.

Racism is still a driving force for this country’s policies and hold’s ground to millions of everyday people.  Until denialism is recognized, addressed and people are open to a universal dialogue for a resolution, there still will be ignorance and racism.

See the official movie trailer @

Interview w/ the Director @

A Message from the Children of Ferguson

Sporting charity benefit T-shirts that read “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m
Over Racism.” these kids from #Ferguson are helping raise funds for five different anti-racism causes. For every tee, tank or hoodie sold at $5 is donated to make a difference (details @ Tees that speak out start at $13!


  1. 1. African-Americans comprise 13% of the U.S. population and 14% of the monthly drug users, but 37% of the people arrested for drug-related offenses in America.
  2. 2. Studies show that police are more likely to pull over and frisk blacks or Latinos than whites. In New York City, 80% of the stops made were blacks and Latinos, and 85% of those people were frisked, compared to a mere 8% of the white people stopped. Host a poetry slam to educate others on racism and reduce prejudice in your community.
  3. 3. After being arrested, African-Americans are 33% more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York.
  4. 4. In 2010, the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that African Americans receive 10% longer sentences than whites through the federal system for the same crimes.
  5. 5. In 2009 African-Americans are 21% more likely than whites to receive mandatory minimum sentences and 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants.

Let’s make a change. Make our voices be heard.

imagesFollowing the announcing of the artists that’ll hit the stage at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards, the network revealed their cypher lineup.

Full roster below:

Wiz Khalifa
Juicy J
Ty Dolla $ign
Chevy Woods
Lil’ Mama
G. Eazy
Kevin Gates
Loaded Lux
Troy Ave
Detroit Che
DJ Scratch
David Banner
Vic Mensa
Snow Tha Product
Remy Ma
King Los
Corey Charron
Rain 910
Tsu Surf
Dillon Cooper
Andy Mineo
Jarren Benton
Emilio Rojas

BET Hip-Hop Awards airs on Oct. 14 at 8PM

DNA Test Proves Mathew Knowles Is A Father….

beyonce_matthew_tina_knowles-388220of 3-year-old Koi Mother by former lingerie-model-turned-real-estate-agent TaQoya Branscomb who got pregnant in 2010 and sued for paternity. According to the DNA test,  there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of the child.

This is Matthew’s second child fathered outside of his marriage to Tina Knowles. His first love child was with Alexsandra Wright.

Men: When will you learn that cheating will 99.9% of the time get you caught up in some way or another…? Especially when there is lack of contraceptive.

It’s better to separate with your partner if you are truly unhappy and dissatisfied then to lie and cheat. And if you feel there is something to hold onto, then keep your thing in your pants and work on your relationship. Three is a crowd, and four is even more of a headache.