Eric Holder’s Complex Legacy: Voting Rights Advocate, Enemy of Press Freedom, Friend of Wall Street

Attorney General Eric Holder announced his plan to resign Thursday after nearly six years as head of the Justice Department. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund hailed Holder as one of the finest attorneys general in the nation’s history in part for his role in transforming the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and his leadership on voting rights.

But, he and others within our government decided not to hold corporations responsible along with what would be justly, prosecuting them for the financial crash in 2008. These corporations became immune to righteous justice when it came to corruption against the people, majority with the mortgage crisis with black & brown people. Also, the should-be crimes with shipping jobs overseas with countries who have no labor laws for the sake of cheap labor.

Not to mention war and the crimes in which the U.S. government and it’s soldiers commit.

With two black men at the top, there still were and is no changes when it comes to race, sex and class equality in the United States.

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