I hope for God to make sure there is a special place for these Earthly devils when it is their time…

“Everything That Moves in Rafah is a Target”: Israel Continues Shelling of Gaza During Short “Pause”

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has topped 1,800 as the Israeli offensive enters its 28th day. On Sunday, at least 10 people died when Israel shelled another United Nations school sheltering Palestinian civilians.

Read more at Source: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/8/4/everything_that_moves_in_rafah_is

Thousands of people rallied outside the White House on Saturday in protest of U.S. backing for the Israeli assault on Gaza. Some called it the largest rally for Palestinian rights ever held in the United States.
Mary Ebukhdear: “I am here to protest for my country. I want to hope to see my country free one day. I want to stop the massacre in Gaza.”
Iman Kandil: “As an American, we’re all complicit because our tax money goes to fund some of the military techniques and weapons that are being used to murder innocent civilians. So, it’s devastating, it’s infuriating, feeling a little bit frustrated with the government, and hopefully we can make a little bit of change. You know, we’ve been writing to Congress, writing to the president, writing to Secretary Kerry, trying to make that change. But I think progress is slow, but we’re hopeful.”

More Headlines at: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/8/4/headlines#845


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