Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson Becomes The Highest Paid Corner back In The League

After reports were release back in May that the Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman had become the highest paid cornerback in the league with a new 4 year contract extension worth $65 million, Cleveland Brown’s Joe Haden quickly stole the shine a week later by announcing his 5 year contract extension which was worth $68 million. While Haden was able to hold onto that title for the past 2 ½ months, he will now be one upped by fellow NFL corner back Patrick Peterson.

After negotiating since February, last night the Arizona Cardinals released a statement announcing a contract extension with Patrick Peterson. Although the team’s announcement did not specify the pay, Peterson followed up via Twitter with a statement of his own stating that the deal is worth $70 million, with $48 million guaranteed-making Peterson the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. The 5 year contract extension will end in 2020. Patrick originally signed a 4 year contract with undisclosed terms back in 2011 after being selected 5th overall in the draft pick. It was reported this morning that Peterson received a $15.3 million signing bonus.


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