Hip Hop Highlight

Hip Hop Highlight

So, I went to a underground hip hop event last night in downtown Long Beach @ Harvelle’s to see a friend that goes by the name of Absent Avery (Twitter: uhlifealive) show along w| other artists Melziah Dia Nice Guy x Vinny.

The show, the people and the venue just gave out all good vibes! I love when my people and others alike can come together for sake of real music | hip hop and have a good time.

UhLife | Absent Avery is a dope hip hop artist and last night was the first time seeing him live – he gave the crowd a good show. The entire show | all artists made my head bob….

Before the artists performed, the DJ – Nice Guy x Vinny played some tracks. The sounds he played put me into a zone. I heard | felt sounds of hip hop, dance, dub step and R&B.

UhLife | Absent Avery

Nice Guy x Vinny

Melziah Dia


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