BOONDOCKS Season 4th airs April 21st, 2014

BOONDOCKS Season 4th airs April 21st, 2014

Is returning without the creator Aaron McGruder….

The Boondocks is set to return to Adult Swim with season four on April 21, 2014. This animated series which is based on creator Aaron McGruder’s comic strip will return without any involvement from McGruder. Many are wondering how this will affect the fans in lieu of McGruder being the show’s main creative force.

This is a show created by a young black man who’s creative mind has been able to touch issues within the black community at the hands of the white man.

With the main characters Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman and their grandfather Robert Jebediah Freeman, big brother Huey is always voicing his conscious thoughts for the audience to soak in. Along with his excelled mindset, he is skilled in martial arts and can kick anyone’s butt!

In an age of glamorized ignorance and liking to material things only, Huey sheds a light on the issues which is paralyzing a large portion of our community. This is the complete opposite of his brother Riley who shows rejoice in these exact things Huey critiques.

Riley tries to appear as that hard black male who only wants to be as thuggish as possible, with no remorse or thought to what may be in his future due to his actions. This is all thanks for the popular culture of reality shows and romanticized music filled with foolery which is unfortunately fueled by white male executives who sign artists to feed the masses bull-ish.

Boondocks shows both sides of the black community – Conscious and the misled.

It is not quite clear why McGruder will not be a part of this season… Hopefully it meets all expectations without it’s creator.

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