BOONDOCKS Season 4th airs April 21st, 2014

BOONDOCKS Season 4th airs April 21st, 2014

Is returning without the creator Aaron McGruder….

The Boondocks is set to return to Adult Swim with season four on April 21, 2014. This animated series which is based on creator Aaron McGruder’s comic strip will return without any involvement from McGruder. Many are wondering how this will affect the fans in lieu of McGruder being the show’s main creative force.

This is a show created by a young black man who’s creative mind has been able to touch issues within the black community at the hands of the white man.

With the main characters Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman and their grandfather Robert Jebediah Freeman, big brother Huey is always voicing his conscious thoughts for the audience to soak in. Along with his excelled mindset, he is skilled in martial arts and can kick anyone’s butt!

In an age of glamorized ignorance and liking to material things only, Huey sheds a light on the issues which is paralyzing a large portion of our community. This is the complete opposite of his brother Riley who shows rejoice in these exact things Huey critiques.

Riley tries to appear as that hard black male who only wants to be as thuggish as possible, with no remorse or thought to what may be in his future due to his actions. This is all thanks for the popular culture of reality shows and romanticized music filled with foolery which is unfortunately fueled by white male executives who sign artists to feed the masses bull-ish.

Boondocks shows both sides of the black community – Conscious and the misled.

It is not quite clear why McGruder will not be a part of this season… Hopefully it meets all expectations without it’s creator.


Leon Ford


On November 11, 2012, our lives were forever changed upon receiving the most devastating news parents can receive, news that an officer with Pittsburgh Bureau of Police shot my son during a routine traffic stop. Shocked and confused over the news, we rushed over to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital only to be denied an opportunity to see our son; this ban lasted for over seven days as we waited in a state of shock and confusion as police worked behind the scenes to come up with a narrative of what they would later say happened.

Police dash-cam video of the incident would later reveal that our 19-year-old teenager was detained by three police officers on a dark road for almost twenty-five minutes during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. My son properly provided officers with his driver licenses, vehicle registration and proof of insurance while they harassed him over the legitimacy of his identity. Even more painful to watch is the heartbreaking sounds of our youngest child being shot five times by a police officer who decided to jump inside my son’s vehicle. While we are not sure how the car shifted into gear once the officer jumped inside the vehicle, we are sure that our son was in mortal fear for his life as police harassed, threatened and hurled racial slurs towards him.

The police officers are now trying to justify their actions by claiming that they saw a barrel of a gun in my son’s waistband, but we know our son and it was no surprise that a search following the shooting revealed no gun and no contraband of any kind. Leon is a good kid, who is very intelligent, hardworking and athletic. Simply put, the Pittsburg Police officers mischaracterized our son and profiled the wrong kid.

And even though Pittsburgh police shot my son five times and left him paralyzed, to add insult to injury, they have charged him with bogus criminal charges which could put him in prison for over 20 years. These charges are based on the officer’s allegations that my son dragged them down the street with his car.

Pittsburgh Police officers tried to lie about my son and the way things happened the night they shot him. In an attempt to cover up the truth, the officer lied by claiming a fellow officer was standing in front of Leon’s car when it moved. They hoped that he would die that night, but thank God, he lived and can now tell the truth. But don’t just take our son’s word for it. The video backs up everything that he said happened.

We are calling for Allegheny County District Attorney, Stephen A. Zappala Jr., to drop these bogus charges and asking that the officers who took our sons ability to ever walk again, be held accountable. As a mother and a father, it breaks our heart to see my son in his current condition but we must be strong for him because that’s what parents do.

Latonya Green and Leon Ford Sr.

The parents of Leon Ford Jr.




She’s got talent! – And she is a brown skinned beauty.

TDE Music has an artist I am patiently waiting to see all that she has to bring to the music world’s table. SZA is one of the artists signed to TDE and the musically inclined line-up they have seems to be legit.

I am glad to see young black artists creating a space for them to show off true talent. The future seems to be bright for TDE!


Fakebook? What’s The NSA Up To Now?

“Top-secret documents reveal that the National Security Agency is dramatically expanding its ability to covertly hack into computers on a mass scale by using automated systems that reduce the level of human oversight in the process.

The classified files — provided previously by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden — contain new details about groundbreaking surveillance technology the agency has developed to infect potentially millions of computers worldwide with malware “implants.” The clandestine initiative enables the NSA to break into targeted computers and to siphon out data from foreign Internet and phone networks.

The covert infrastructure that supports the hacking efforts operates from the agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, and from eavesdropping bases in the United Kingdom and Japan. GCHQ, the British intelligence agency, appears to have played an integral role in helping to develop the implants tactic.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Ryan Gallagher and Glenn Greenwald / The Intercept:



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