Uruguay Legalizes National Market for Marijuana

Uruguay Legalizes National Market for Marijuana

Uruguay has become the first country to legalize a national market for the growth and sale of marijuana. The Uruguayan Senate approved a historic measure on Tuesday that will allow registered citizens to purchase up to 40 grams a month from licensed pharmacies and grow plants in their own homes. Hundreds of people celebrated the vote outside the Uruguayuan Senate.

Demonstrator: “Today is a historic day, not only for Uruguay, but for all the world. Uruguay is the first country to regulate the marijuana market. There is a wager now, and social organizations will continue working for this to be efficient. But today, above all, is a day of celebration, as you can see from the people outside of the legislative palace.”

The law will take effect in Uruguay early next year


Hopefully this has a ripple effect on other countries like the United States in the near future. Governments should know that if you legalize this PLANT, you can tax it. And with taxes, comes money to put back into communities which is a good thing.

This whole war on drugs has been a way for the United States patriarchal and racist system to imprison black, brown and poor white class. It’s time for a change, like our President Obama repeated in his first campaign for presidency. How about some action Mr. President!


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