Renisha McBride- Another racist killing by a white man


The autopsy of a 19-year-old African-American woman shot dead on a porch where she had reportedly gone to seek help after a car crash has revealed she died of a gunshot wound to the face. Renisha McBride was killed in a largely white area of suburban Detroit earlier this month. Family members say she was racially profiled by the white homeowner, who has not yet been publicly identified or charged. He told police his gun accidentally fired at McBride, whom he believed was trying to break into his home.

Renisha McBride ended up dead on a porch in the middle of the night in Dearborn Park, Michigan. Reports differ: she was shot in the back of her head. No, she was shot in the face. Her body was dumped somewhere. No, she was found right there, right where she was shot. The gun went off accidentally. No, it was a “justified shooting” – the homeowner feared for his life.

Renisha McBride was 19. She was black. She was unarmed. Her shooter, who has not been identified because he has not been charged, was white. He was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun. She had the misfortune to crash her car in the wee hours in a predominantly white Detroit suburb. Police say the car accident happened around 1:30am. So, armed only with a dead cell phone, Renisha apparently sought help – and ended up knocking on the wrong door some two hours later.

We are not living in a post-racial system. This is a reminder of what most white people think of our black and brown brothers and sisters – they’re all criminals and/or violent. If this was little Becky who got shot on a doorstep in Watts, the person who pulled the trigger would be in jail awaiting trial that night. Assumed guilty until proven innocent….

There is a black president in house, but we still are the criminals in the eyes of this unjust system.


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