Rihanna – Styled To Rock

Rihanna rocks everything she puts on and I am quite sure she knew exactly what she was doing when she signed on board with Bravo for this show.

Premiers tonight Friday 10/25/13 on Bravo 8/7c


A Drone Warrior’s Torment: Ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant on His Trauma from Remote Killing

The United States uses drones in war, and their impact, through the eyes of one of the first U.S. drone operators to speak out. Former U.S. Air Force pilot Brandon Bryant served as a sensor operator for the Predator program from 2007 to 2011, manning the camera on the unmanned aerial vehicles that carried out attacks overseas. After he left the active duty in the Air Force, he was presented with a certificate that credited his squadron for 1,626 kills. In total, Bryant says he was involved in seven missions in which his Predator fired a missile at a human target, and about 13 people died in those strikes — actions he says left him traumatized. “The clinical definition of PTSD is an anxiety disorder associated with witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event,” Bryant says. “Think how you would feel if you were part of something that you felt violated the Constitution.”



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Super-Sizing Welfare Costs: Low Wages at McDonald’s, Burger King Cost Taxpayers Billions


New research shows more than half of low-wage workers at fast-food restaurants rely on public assistance to survive – a rate double that of the overall workforce. According to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, low wages in the fast-food industry cost American taxpayers nearly $7 billion every year – that’s more than the entire annual budget of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A companion report by the National Employment Law Project found McDonald’s alone costs Americans $1.2 billion annually by paying its workers insufficient wages. Last year the top 10 largest fast-food companies alone made more than $7.4 billion in profits.

I have a friend who is a chef, went to culinary school and obtained an associate’s degree in the art of food. What did my friend get from this degree? High loans to pay back for a majority remainder of his life and low paying jobs due to our government making it a crime to cross the border which leads to barely living wages for those who are considered to be illegal. Even though this was their land to begin with…

The food industry takes advantage of those with no papers, in which in return, those who are citizens have to compete with the low wages our brown brothers and sisters are willing to work for. You ask why they are willing to work for such low wages…? Well, our so-called great government and governments abroad have free-trade-agreements which allows American companies to go to other markets to sell their products, which eliminates tariffs, import quotas, and preferences on most (if not all) goods and services traded between them.

This makes it hard for farmers on their own homeland to compete and sell good at the quantity and price that major corporations are able to do so. As a result, our brother and sisters from Mexico come to the states for work to support their families.

They have every right to be here! This country takes advantage of it’s own people & those abroad with low wages. If the people make living wages where it is easy for them to pay rent, bills and spend money shopping, the money goes back into the economy. This leads to a striving and sustainable economy, which equals money in those already wealthy CEO’s of fortune five corporations. You would think these so-called leading people of the world would know this middle school economic basics.

But they don’t, or they deny such knowledge in the blinding world of classism, racism, sexism and corporatism. Remember – this is a country who appoints C-grade students to run such a nation.


Deadly 911 Calls: NYPD Kills African Immigrant Student Inside Home After Mother Calls for Ambulance


As the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation holds protests in several cities today, we bring you the shocking story of Mohamed Bah, a 28-year-old college student from the African nation of Guinea. He was shot dead by New York City police officers on September 25, 2012. Police arrived at Mohamed Bah’s apartment after his mother, Hawa Bah, called 911 because she thought he was depressed, and wanted an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Police claimed he lunged at officers with a knife. But many questions remain unanswered. We are joined by Hawa and her attorneys, Mayo Bartlett and Randolph McLaughlin, both longtime civil rights attorneys.