Jada Pinkett opens up on her Facebook page

Jada Pinkett opens up on her Facebook page

Jada Pinkett Smith has turned her Facebook page into a philosophical open diary and as she celebrated her 42nd birthday last Wednesday she reflected on who she is and where she is now.

Yesterday she posted a lengthy Facebook status that revealed she fought several addictions when she was younger, but she failed to go into detail about what those addictions were.

She also claims that her problem with addiction stemmed from her inability to deal with the problems that life threw her way.

“What I learned about myself is this, when I was younger I was not a good problem solver, meaning I had a very difficult time with dealing with my problems in life,” she wrote. “I had many addictions, of several kinds, to deal with my life issues, but today, at 42, I have my wisdom, my heart and my conscience as the only tools to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles.”

She said she is proud of herself for finally reaching a point where she can tackle life’s obstacles without struggling with addiction.

“I have become a good problem solver with these tools, and I am damn proud,” she added, thanking her fans for their birthday wishes. “Thank you for all the love that was given to me for my birthday this year. What I hope is that we all continue to gain healthy understanding that life is really about solving problems and also about us learning to become masters at solving them.”

She certainly has faced quite a few obstacles lately after reports of her open marriage caught wind, in addition to several cheating scandals, divorce rumors and accusations of being a bad parent.

In the midst of all the gossip chaos, Jada has insisted that divorce was never a part of the plan for her and husband Will Smith. In fact, she even begged a friend of hers to reconsider divorce.

The star took to her Facebook page once again to talk to her fans about divorce and how it should be avoided at all costs.

Smith claimed that there were times when our “elders” faced drastic decisions in tough times but they took a step back from their relationship.

“Consider taking the route that some of our elders have taken in giving your marriage some space and time before the drastic decision of divorce,” she wrote in the Facebook status. “Answers to big questions need time to find lasting trust vs. the truth of the moment. After this process the answer may be the same, but at least you have the clarity to go about it all with certainty and integrity, but you may also find that spark that could save and rekindle your marriage.”

The lengthy status almost makes you wonder if Jada had to give her marriage with Will “some space and time.” That would certainly explain why the couple feels the need to own so many homes in different locations.


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