Teenage Graffiti Artist Dies After Being Tasered by Miami Police

Teenage Graffiti Artist Dies After Being Tasered by Miami Police

A Miami Beach police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after he fatally shot an 18-year-old graffiti artist with a taser. The teenager, Israel Hernandez, was an award-winning artist whose work had been exhibited locally. The police officer, Jorge Mercado, began chasing Hernandez after he saw the artist spray-painting his tag on a boarded-up McDonald’s storefront. Hernandez, who was born in Colombia, was reportedly shot after a 10-minute chase. According to witnesses, the police officers involved in the chase celebrated after they trapped and tased Hernandez by slapping each other with high-fives as the teenager lay dying in the street. Hernandez’ high school art teacher Frank O’Hare said: “In my 20 years as an art teacher, Israel was one of the most unique and talented students I have ever encountered.” Hernandez’ parents are calling for an independent investigation into his death.

Cops, or what I like to call them, PIGS have found a new way to kill people. This was a young boy who weighed about 140lbs, he was no threat to any armed officer. This is a story that replays all over the country.

It is too easy to become a cop. You can be a D-grade student all your life and become a foot fighter for law by taking a test and passing a few physical tests.

This country, and countries beyond would produce better officers of the law if it made these people go through college courses for psychology, psychiatry and substance abuse and criminal law with at the least an Associates Degree.

The training for officers of the law is a joke and this is a major reason why police brutality, killings and abuse of authority plagues this field.

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