Nicki Minaj and Mona-Scott Young Talk Myx Fusions Moscato Partnership

I am not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj since she turned pop and the downgrading of fellow black women. But, I am a fan of successful Black Women and I am glad she is representing a black success in a positive lens.

Who doesn’t fantasize and dream of the lifestyles these success women are living…? I would love to have all the things Miss Kicki has such easy access to. Just make sure it is done with gratitude, respect for self and others along with authenticity.

Just heard of Nicki’s line which is carried in Kmart, quite impressed with what she said in the Part II of this video.

I will give Nicki this, she is definitely a personality, she has made a name for herself, she had stood out from most music artists and she made her way. She is a story of success. In hopes of this black woman keeping her fans at heart and giving some more of her earlier days hip hop music.

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