Antiwar Protesters Rally Against U.S. Military Action in Syria

Antiwar Protesters Rally Against U.S. Military Action in Syria

Antiwar protesters gathered in New York City and Washington, D.C., last night calling for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Syria.

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Samar, protester: “Please, leave us alone. It’s our own country. You have no right whatever to bomb it or to do anything. Go take care of your people here. Give them the money. They deserve it more than spending on the war over there for no reason. It’s another lie. Please leave us alone.”


NFL Reaches Settlement With Former Players Who Suffer From Brain Injuries, Alzheimer’s, Depression

The National Football League has reached a settlement with former players who accused it of profiting from the sport’s violence, while hiding the risks of concussions and repeated hits to the head. On Thursday, the NFL agreed to a $765 million payout to all past NFL players and the spouses of those who have already died. The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed by than 4,500 former players, some of whom suffer from brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. This comes as the 2013 season football season kicks off for the NFL, colleges and high schools across the country. “I hope that the tremendous amount of publicity that’s been generated by this lawsuit will cause coaches and parents to think in a much more healthy way about how to take care of these kids and how to protect them and how to recognize the symptoms of concussions when they occur,” says Bill Littlefield, host of NPR’s “Only a Game,” who has followed the issue of concussions in sports for the past decade.

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Last Kings

Last Kings

Line Last Kings brought to you by hip hop artist Tyga is pretty darn wavy!

Tyga is a young artist out of So CAL signed with Young Money Entertainment and he is showing fans he can do more than just rap.

Now, there are plenty of celebrities that come out with their own clothing, jewelry, make-up, ext lines. But, not all are worth spending your hard earned money.

Last Kings I can actually see myself rocking a LK pouch or snapback. It’s trendy, fashionable and has a name attached to it that I can vibe with.

Last Kings, Egypt – Africa, the Motherland. He chose the perfect icon. I hope to see him portray the true meaning and pride of having such an icon to represent ones brand.


The Queen Latifah Show

I will definitely be catching some shows once aired. starting Sep. 16th > The Queen Latifah show is going to be inspiring, informative, fun, trend setting and much more.

I have met Queen Latifah and had a couple phone conversations with this extraordinary woman, and she is down to earth, relatable, funny and witty.

From 1993–1998, Latifah had a starring role on Living Single, she gained mainstream success after being cast as Matron “Mama” Morton in the Oscar-winning film adaptation of the musical Chicago, the recipient of the Best Picture Oscar.

This songwriter, rapper, model, comedienne, producer, and actress has an enormous amount of wisdom to share with the world.

Excited to all the extras Queen has to offer!

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Pink Hair Don’t Care

Pink Hair Don't Care

Now, you know not everyone can rock crazy hair colors such as pink, blue green ect…

But, Miss Keyshia Cole had rocked this pink hair in 2013 quite well. Her hair stylist did a perfect job of keeping the color toned perfectly.

I am a fan of Keyshia, love her and hubby (Young Black True Love is such a beautiful thing to see) and an understanding of Keyshia most young women can feel.

She’s real, raw & uncut when it comes to how she carries herself, how she delivers her musical stories which are too relatable in my case.

We have watched Keyshia grow in her career and as a woman. Ready to see what she brings next!