Rihanna – Diamonds Tour

Diamonds world tour ends 11-15-2013 here in the states. Rihanna is traveling the world sharing her art, her sex appeal, her I don’t give a fck what people think funkiness and her sole holding voice with her fans! …. I consider myself of fan of hers, its her edgy stance that is most appealing, on top of her outer beauty. I do not know Rihanna, personally, only as close as you can feel following and clicking 2x on pictures via Instagram. But, I feel an untouched connection with this artist…………….. Maybe it is we are both young black women with variables in life which sometimes may seem out of place or obtuse at times… She’s a woman, an artist that I could myself as. She is that Diamond we all are on the inside, some just can’t see their sparkle…… We have to be bad sometimes, and she is not afraid to do so!!! If you’re going to be a bad bit¢π, be a Bad Bit¢π as I would say! Oh, and her bff Melissa Forde × Rihanna = So fckn cute! She’s got her best friend right by her side……… (If you need any additions to your team Rihanna, hit your gal up ® I’m ready!) Tour dates go to:


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