Beyonce Charges Fans $25,000 to Work for Her for “Free”

beyonceIf you love Beyonce enough to put up this kind of money, then I think you should give serious thought to doing something like this.
Beyonce and her mother Tina have came up with a fascinating idea: Pay them $25,000 and you’ll get the chance to work for them, without pay, for one day only.

The singer is auctioning off this stunning opportunity through a company called The money isn’t going into her own pockets, and is instead going to charity.

The package includes a meet-and-greet with Beyonce; two VIP tickets to her Los Angeles show; a chance to spend the day working with Beyonce’s mother Tina in the wardrobe department and a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour “gift bag,” according to The Huffington Post.

The auction has, thus far, received 10 bids, with the highest being $11,500.00 > Are these people serious?
So, even though their are fans are willing to pay money to be close to Tina and Beyonce, there are also those who criticize the ladies for appearing to exploit fan loyalty in such a seemingly blatant way.

“Disgusting! Beyonce is rich, she should just make the $25,000 donation herself rather than asking her fans to do it! #rip-off,” tweeted one person.

“Does Beyonce think that she’s that important that ppl will PAY $25,000 to work 4 her 4 free? That is theft in my opinion. Not worth it!” tweeted another follower.

“So let me get this straight. You have to pay Beyonce $25,000 to work FOR her for free? LOL! Get over yourself, her ego is out of this world!” tweeted another follower.

Rather than offering people the chance to work for her for a fee, she probably should have sold the chance to meet with she and her mother to a rich donor who also wanted to do some good. This might be turning into a PR nightmare for Beyonce and her camp, since the story has gone viral on the Internet.

Beyonce and Tina have put together the Miss A Meal campaign, along with her sister Solange and singers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The campaign encourages people to miss a meal and donate the proceeds to charity.

“When we say ‘we are starving,’ we have to remember that there are people who are literally starving,” Tina said in a press release. “If everyone fed one person, one meal, we could make a huge difference.

My opinion is that if all the wealthy people in the world, such as Beyoncé, would donate a 3rd of their wealth to the starving people of this corrupt world, things may be a little better. If people like Beyoncé employed people with wages to fit the cost of living, we would have a better economy.

The problem with this world is the greedy, un-thoughtful, right-winged piranha’s of this world. The corporate elitist and other wealthy people have an agenda that does not include humanitarianism.

I just went off on a tangent!!!! I like Beyoncé as an artist and would expect better out of her, especially as being a black woman. She needs more schooling on her African heritage (since she feels the need to lighten her skin & change her black nose). Beyoncé > get real & open your heart.


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