Real Hip Hop Stand Up

Real Hip Hop Stand Up

When you think of the word soul a great many things come to mind. But recording artist Chris Ness is determined to ring bells when the term is mentioned. This young conscious California native touches topics deemed too taboo in an age of technology and dis-connect .Delivering a crisp unique sound Chris tackles issues such as the Trayvon Martin incident, the black experience dynamic, and the artistic decline in hip-hop.

Chris began his journey in music in the summer of 1999. Inspired b y artist/groups such as Camp-lo, A Tribe called Quest, Styles P and many others. His story isn’t far cry from other aspiring artists in the sense that music has and will always be a governing factor in his life. But, he is different in the sense that he delivers a poetic and story telling mind flow for those who are open to more than just something to bob your head to with no actual thought involved. Keep a look out because this artist is Hip Hop, he is Jazz, Soul, the Blues; he is Music & he is destined to be heard. Be sure to check out his L.P “H.E.R” and his earlier releases on and YouTube.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ Chris_Ness & Instagram @ iamchris_ness


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