Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminist

Black Male Feminism- MY THOUGHT:
The active ingredients in the acts of male supremacy is taught superiority, exploitation of the opposite sex & those of the same sex who don’t participate in the said norm of a ‘man’, and of course politics….. Open up to a new light & be the men of a new && better tomorrow***

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One thought on “Black Male Feminist

  1. Troy Howard says:

    70% of black college graduates were female in 2011m ,30% male. That gap has been growing by 3.5% each decade for the last almost 30 years. That means, by 2025, only 25% of graduates will be male, less than 20% by 2040, 10% by 2065, and ~0% by 2090. The figures are he same in the Latino demographic.

    Since feminism has make it political suicide to render males any funded special assistance or setup programs, this trend will not change. Hence, there is there is every reason to believe that before the end of the century, all black college graduates will be female.

    So, I’m not seeing this “male supremacy.”

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