Chris Ness x Aunjel adams

New song LUXURY ART is a definitely another great song! You feel it in every way music can make you. Chris Ness and Aunjel Adams are in the midst of working on an album titled 11-Eleven.

Chris Ness with his poetic, story telling delivery of hip hop alongside the soul songstress Aunjel Adams will be an alum made for the top of music charts.

Stay tuned & be sure to follow these two talented artist!

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Rick Ross Raps About Committing Date Rape In New Song

Rick Ross Raps About Committing Date Rape In New Song

In the new song, “You Don’t Even Know It,” by Rocko, Future, and Rick Ross, the self-proclaimed boss drops a troubling lyric that shows he knows very little about rape.

Just after he opens his verse, Ross raps:

“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

So it’s okay for these black men to brag about about raping women who are too high off of drugs and alcohol to consent to, or not to sex (?)…. What’s sad about this is, some women will keep listening to this ish that isn’t even music, and say, “Hey, this is my song”….

Music that promotes sexism and violence destroys the young minds of our future. When will these artists be put to the shame they deserve?


Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko

Singer & song writer – Fly little lady with a sweet delivery of music! Native of Los Angeles, CA she’s done work with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul who is from my hometown Carson, Ca + more. She has a way to her that makes you want to listen to her music, which makes you vibe out… My personal favorite songs are Stranger and Mirror. Be sure to check her out if you haven’t already!


LiL Wayne top story in the news- Is he worth that slot?

Rapper LiL Wayne has been suffering from seizures for the past few months and has been hospitalized at Cedar Sinai. My sister works at the hospital LiL Wayne is being treated, but is unable to give details due to HIPAA. As know from many sources available to the public, it has overly exaggerated that he was on his death bed.

According to sources, Weezy overdosed on his beloved, very dangerous sizzurp, and is only JUST coming down from the high!

His latest tweet on Mar 15th:
Lil Wayne WEEZY F ‏@LilTunechi
I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.

My question is > How is this headline news?
We’ve got our brothas & sistas dying in the Motherland Africa everyday, but this rapper who has no regard for his black women and fellow black men is on the front line with HIS OWN INDUCED SICKNESS.

His lyrics are full of words promoted to disregard any respect a woman is deserving of.

His latest song: Love Me featuring Drake & Future shows exactly how these men feel and think of when it comes to the opposite sex. I wonder what these women are thinking about, or lack thee of, when being featured in such a music video. Is it something they would sing along to? Is the paycheck enough to make them not think and refuse to stand for woman-hood..?

The song includes lines stating:
Long as my Bi+@he3 love me.
These 304’s got pu$$ies like craters, can’t treat them like ladies.
As soon as i cum, I come to my senses.

See the video and remaining horrible so-called lyric here:

It seems women are still looked at as subjects only suitable for pro-creating and essentially pleasing men. What era are we living in? It’s quite sad most, not all, but most men still have this ice-age type mindset.

When will women, across the world, be looked at as the Queens that they are? Not, body parts to use, misuse, abuse and discard of when a new one comes along…

BLACK MEN, OPEN YOUR EYES AND MINDS TO A HIGHER STATE OF BEING. Treat women as they were your Mother or daughter. Respect for who gives you life, is respecting yourself.


His #1 Fan!

His #1 Fan!

Who is he you ask … CHRIS NESS he goes by, but is so much more than just a name.

He is hip hop, he is black, he is love & peace, he is an important voice to be heard, he is a breathe of fresh air to music, he is old school & new school, he is a lyricist, he is a poet, he is art*

Chris Ness is not your ordinary hip hop artist. He has a way of telling a story in his music, making you feel deep emotions all while making you want to move with his music! As he may say, wavy!

This year, 2013 he is launching his campaign for a spot in the 2014 XXL Magazine Freshman 10 Spot. Good music lovers are encouraged to take a listen and watch some visuals in support of his campaign!

Like is music?? Re-post links to any of his videos, music or the flyer you see above with #chrisness #xxlfreshman

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Wherever you’re at right now, take a few minutes to click on the links below. Open your ears & mind, vibe out…


Real Hip Hop Stand Up

Real Hip Hop Stand Up

When you think of the word soul a great many things come to mind. But recording artist Chris Ness is determined to ring bells when the term is mentioned. This young conscious California native touches topics deemed too taboo in an age of technology and dis-connect .Delivering a crisp unique sound Chris tackles issues such as the Trayvon Martin incident, the black experience dynamic, and the artistic decline in hip-hop.

Chris began his journey in music in the summer of 1999. Inspired b y artist/groups such as Camp-lo, A Tribe called Quest, Styles P and many others. His story isn’t far cry from other aspiring artists in the sense that music has and will always be a governing factor in his life. But, he is different in the sense that he delivers a poetic and story telling mind flow for those who are open to more than just something to bob your head to with no actual thought involved. Keep a look out because this artist is Hip Hop, he is Jazz, Soul, the Blues; he is Music & he is destined to be heard. Be sure to check out his L.P “H.E.R” and his earlier releases on and YouTube.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ Chris_Ness & Instagram @ iamchris_ness


HaiRecipe: The Aloe & Argan Pudding. [Natural Curl Defining]

HaiRecipe: The Aloe & Argan Pudding. [Natural Curl Defining]

Tired of the alcohol and silicone based products that strip your hair of moisture and saturate your strands leaving them tired and heavy? Well if you’ve already tried all of the popular store bought curl defining products and have yet to find success, I suggest trying my homemade recipe: The Aloe & Argan Pudding!

1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel

1/3 cup Whipped Shea Butter

1 tbs Olive Oil

1/2 tbs Argan Oil

1/4 tbs Neem Oil

2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Add all ingredients together gradually then whip thoroughly with hand-mixer till you attain a “pudding” like mixture. Then apply on damp/slightly damp hair to define and moisturize your curls. Keep Refrigerated to elongate the product’s shelf life (3-4 weeks)